Fibromyalgia Warriors 6 Favorite Things for Relief

It is extremely difficult to treat fibromyalgia. Today, I share some of my favorite tools to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.

I bet your attention was drawn to that headline. I say because I have written my share of these sorts of articles over the years, praying that one of my fellow fibromyalgia fighters finally found a way to put an end to my misery.

But if you have fibromyalgia, you know that this is the ficklest of conditions. It doesn’t necessarily work for others what does for one of us. We have on the market three medications approved by the FDA, and yet none of them work more than half of the time. No one knows even what causes fibromyalgia, let alone how to get rid of it.

Yet, when it seems to benefit a particular drug, supplement or lifestyle adjustment, we are left to cobble together our own treatment plans, rejoicing over small victories.

We are all on our own journeys to treat this difficult disease, so I find that discussing what has helped our symptoms and what hasn’t helped us is important. We can all learn from each other that way.

So, I’m sharing a few things today that helped to reduce my symptoms of fibromyalgia, hoping this information could help others. I want to be clear: they’re not remedies, and they’re not going to take away all the suffering, exhaustion, and other symptoms. These are just methods that I found helpful in my own treatment plan, and you may want to do so too.

Fibromyalgia Warriors 6 Things for Relief

1st is Low-dose Naltrexone

I’m sure my long-standing fans are sick of hearing me talking about low-dose naltrexone (LDN), but this article is definitely a contender! I pursued a series of various pharmaceuticals when I was first treated, and I could not handle any of them. Either side effects have been too serious, or they have actually not worked. I slipped one day during a desperation Yahoo search on an online survey that revealed that LDN was the most successful fibromyalgia therapy. LDN has been shown to be more active than any of the three fibro medications approved by the FDA in two small studies at Stanford University. It is the only drug that has managed me ease my discomfort, and it has a small risk of side effects, most of all. Increasing numbers of patients with fibromyalgia have found LDN effective in reducing pain and fatigue.

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2nd is CBD Oil

CBD oil was without doubt one of the most useful things to relieve my discomfort. There are two different types: CBD based on marijuana sold online, and CBD based on cannabis distributed through pharmacies in states where cannabis is legal. As I consulted experts on marijuana, they all told me that CBD dependent on cannabis is the most powerful form because it comprises so many useful cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant.

The hemp CBD sold online is not monitored, so there is no way for consumers to verify whether the product is safe or whether it even contains CBD. There is also a discussion about whether hemp CBD is even legal. (The DEA says no.) I plan to apply for my medical marijuana license and I’m anxious to try cannabis-based CBD to see if it works better than the hemp brand. I have also been using off and on American Shaman CBD oil for the past few months.

3rd is D-ribose

In two studies conducted by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, the energy levels of fibromyalgia and ME / CFS sufferers improved by up to 61 percent in addition to d-ribose. When I used Teitelbaum’s d-ribose protocol, I had good results. This cut my afternoon napping down dramatically and gave me an extra boost to get through the middle of the day. I no longer take d-ribose after my psychiatrist moved me to a new protocol for mood / energy supplementation, but it performed so well that I still warn others about it. Note: D-ribose can affect blood sugar levels, so diabetics are going to want to analyze it closely.

4th is Magnesium Supplements

I take magnesium malate or magnesium glycinate every day, and the all-over achiness that we all equate with fibromyalgia seems to be mitigated. It should also help with sleep, so I’m taking it at bedtime.

5th is Magnesium Lotion

My fibro pain tends to get worse as the day goes on, so in bedtime it can be brutal. Before going to bed, I always slather my whole body in magnesium lotion on my worst days. Usually it takes off the edge enough to make me sleep. My favorite of the moment is Elepure.

6th is Quell

As part of the Fibrowomen network, I had the opportunity to try the Quell portable pain relief system, and I love it! It’s a small electronic gadget you’re carrying around your hip in a band velcroed. It’s too hard to explain how it works here, but within few coming weeks I wrote a blog about it. It was a surprising new addition to my repertoire of pain-fighting.

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  1. Angela Sowers-Forman says:

    Can you give me some tips on pain relief, when you have fibro, MS, Lupus, and degenerative disc disease? Since the CDC and Big Pharm companies think they know better and take you off your pain meds ( that you have have been on for about 10yrs) all at once, with nothing to supplement them except a “well you could have surgery on your spine…” I was not on anything major hydrocodone with Apap10/325

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