Have any incidents or trauma in your life that bought on your Fibromyalgia?

Story of Fibromyalgia Support Group Warrior

ABSOLUTELY!!! December 2009 thru January 2010…..I was employed at a Major grocery retail store’s food warehouse (not naming names, but a little hint would be they are based in Germany…I would LOVE to just name the company and give as many bad reviews to them as I could.

I HATE this place …they have NO regard for their employee’s health safety or anything else for that matter…all this place cares about is the Almighty Dollar!!) I had been employed at their warehouse for about 13 yrs I think.

I still can recall all 5 days I used as sick days, meaning, I was there all the time…I never called off, my boss used to say “if you look up “woman hear me roar” in the dictionary you’d see my face”….I was an exemplary employee!! They decided they needed to expand the warehouse due to growth.

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They employed several outside contractors to do the work. Long story, it could take me days to tell the details, but I will spare you all that. I worked in the freezer area where they cooled and froze products using Ammonia gas.

An employee of one of the companies went into the area, in FULL gear (suited up and a mask (respirator type mask), and instead of clearing the lines of all the existing ammonia first, he cut the pipe. the entire dock area where I was filled with ammonia gas.

(I’m actually getting goosebumps as I’m reliving this incident) A few days later, another one of the companies was doing concrete demolishing on some of the walls. The ENTIRE dock area AGAIN was affected.

Do you all remember the picture when 9/11 occurred with the people running down the sidewalk with the huge plume of smoke and dust behind them?? That is what the dock looked like! We all who worked there could hear each other, but there was NO way to see each other!!! Needless to say, after these 2 incidents and after breathing all these toxins, my breathing became almost impossible!

I had woken up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. As I was attempting to get back into bed, my throat closed. I couldn’t breathe!! My husband called 911 and they took me to the hospital via ambulance. (the whole while my 3 yr old son was yelling and crying “please don’t let them take my mommy”). They ended up sending me to a pulmonologist.

He had me on 5 different inhalers and MASSIVE amounts of prednisone to try and take down all the swelling of the airways. I was diagnosed with Asthma. THAT was the first of so so many diagnoses! It “freed” my vocal cords (I actually had to take Speak Therapy to relearn how to talk, breathe and learn how to try to breathe if an attack started to happen.

So here’s the list: Asthma, Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Migraines, Adrenal Insufficiency (this was a BIG one as I almost died), PTSD, and anxiety, SEVERE continuous pain 24/7.

I’ve had my lower back and neck fused, I’ve had a “pain stimulator” inserted into my right butt cheek with the leads put into my spine to try and help ease the pain, More trigger points, cortisone, and botox shots than I could ever count.

The last 20ish years have been a HELLISH NIGHTMARE!! I have lost, NO they have TAKEN away, my job, health, income, insurance for the family and myself, 401 K retirement plan, 5 weeks vacation, and probably most of all my self-worth! I struggled with guilt, (God only knows why this “incident” was by NO means my fault at all!) not being able to provide for my family what I did for so long!

Almost lost my husband, it is so much harder than ppl think to deal/live with someone with chronic issues! I feel so bad for my husband and 2 kids!! My son “has a much different” mom than his sister!!! SO there is my answer to your question: “Can I pinpoint an incident or trauma in your life that brought on your fibromyalgia?”……ABSOLUTELY I can!!

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