Why is it that every sufferer that I’ve met that has fibromyalgia also has a controlling personality or bipolar problem, including me?

Why is it that every sufferer that I’ve met that has fibromyalgia also has a controlling personality or bipolar problem, including me?

Multiple doctors have told me I very likely have fibromyalgia (but my mother never took me to a rheumatologist), and I would say that I only am controlling to protect myself from being harmed… 

So I am not officially diagnosed, but doctors have told me I likely have it, as in a neurologist, psychiatrist, and a family practitioner. A physical therapist named Marcos who is not an MD, but knows my family, also told me he thinks I have it, and he’s worked with a lot of fibromyalgia patients.

I am highly moody and irritable, though.

Fibromyalgia is oftentimes caused by Trauma

Most people who have CPTSD, have some chronic pain disorder… Depression (which almost always occurs with anxiety) and forms of PTSD is the most common psychiatric associations to fibromyalgia… The Link Between Fibromyalgia and PTSD

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Those of us abused will be controlling as to protect ourselves from further harm, and when you’re always fatigued and achy, it makes it easy to be controlled, so that you avoid feeling worse and more drained. I 80% of the time always feel lethargic and energy-depleted, and when under stress, I get aches and pains in various places of my body, icepick headaches, and muscles spasms.

My hands and feet intensely throb the fronts that are not directly my shoulder, but more the muscle in front of the shoulder blades that maybe are like in the center of them ache badly. I get shocks of pain to my head, which are known as icepick/suicide headaches, but I only get those when I am under very, very severe stress.

I have gotten vertigo when I came out of a psychiatric hospital from attempting suicide, and I don’t know if that’s fibromyalgia-related or not, but I felt nonstop dizzy for two days and a very scary type of dizzy. That makes it pretty hard to always be happy, and atop that, I am dealing with CPTSD, my childhood abuse, borderline PD, and major depressive disorder.

I have THE WORST periods, and it feels like a knife is being stabbed into my ovaries. Makes it even harder to be nice, and not as controlling. The day child protective services came to investigate my mom and dad is the first day my period cramps have been as horrible as they now are, but I was having issues five years ago, and this only was three years ago.

My period came a week early and it came that night instead. It’s only the first day they’re unbearably bad to where I am crying and sometimes, screaming, and the second day, they lessen but are somewhat bad. I wonder if it’s post-traumatic-related, and is only bad just like how they were bad the day cps came.

Depression almost always occurs with fibro, and actually treatment most times involves an antidepressant, so the moodiness can be depression-related, or it can be something to do with our gut, as 90% of neurotransmitters formulate within our gut. It is so, so important to healthful wat when you have fibromyalgia. Study shows how serotonin and a popular anti-depressant affect the gut’s microbiota

I never once said I was not diagnosed with my psychiatric conditions. I said I was not officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am officially diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, major depressive disorder, and as I specified in my bio because my credentials ran out of space, a schizotypal personality disorder is an armchair by my psychiatrist.

She didn’t want to diagnose me with two personality disorders whilst I was a minor. Aspergers isn’t in my bio or credentials, but I’ve been diagnosed with that, too.

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