Fibromyalgia Shower Roulette; Who's up for a game?

Fibromyalgia Shower Roulette; Who’s up for a game?

Hey, there fellow chronic warriors. Who else here finds themselves involuntarily rolling the dice when it comes to showering ? or as I often call it..playing Fibromyalgia shower roulette.

I love showers. Long boiling hot ? showers. They are my savior; they are my downfall. It can go either way. From one shower to the next there is no way of knowing.

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The other day after a shower, I bee bopped my way energetically down the hall into my kitchen and conquered the mess. Then I tackled a few more tasks after that. Today’s shower has left me fibro suffering and totally wiped out. I’m not even dried off yet and all I can think about is crawling into bed.

I’m fibro shower exhausted…

I feel drained, zapped — depleted of all physical energy, and my brain is foggy.

It’s not all bad though, while I was showering, the heat provided some much-needed Fibro pain relief. Bonus! Right now I’m toasty warm, absolutely no chills in my body, and the “cold to the core of my bones” aching has eased. 

That being said, I’m super tired, kind of dizzy, and need to lay down.

And so, that’s what I’m going to do. Admit defeat in today’s game of Fibromyalgia Shower Roulette, cut me some slack, and allow myself to rest up. We have an outing tonight that I’m looking forward to. I’m going to attempt a guilt-free catnap ?

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