Fibromyalgia Sensitivity: 4 types of fibromyalgia sensitivity that affects patients

By: Dr Alex Robber

Struggling with fibromyalgia is not easy, if you have fibromyalgia it means your life is not the same as other in family. Fibromyalgia is something more than any other pains because it contains fatigue, chronic issues, joint pains and most panic brain fog. This flare can be affected your body like a day or two, a week, month, year and life time pain. This flare comes to you with a smell in the air and stuck in your body like a bird in the sky.

Effects of Fibromyalgia in sensitive body.

Patients who is living with fibromyalgia are become more sensitive than any other because people having fibromyalgia deal with many syndromes same time with different issues. What they are facing is totally change their body sensitivity.

They are facing these sensitives in their bodies:

  1. Temperature Sensitivity
  2. Noise Sensitivity
  3. Light Sensitivity
  4. Smell Sensitivity

Temperature Sensitivity:

               By looking forward temperature issues for fibromyalgia patients, 1st I am going to tell you about that fibro patients must be affected from both types of temperatures whether it is cold or hot. But cold temperature is more effected as compare to hot temperatures, because in cold weather the body pain increases with sensitivity pain.

Noise Sensitivity:

               Noise sensitivity is much irritating for fibromyalgia patients, by looking noise sensitivity in which fibro patients feel anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritating, sweating and increase heartbeat. One of the major issues of noise sensitivity that mostly fibromyalgia patients facing difficulty in sleeping problem due to noise sensitivity.

Light Sensitivity:

               The Fibromyalgia patients who are facing light sensitivity must be afraid of high lights like fluorescent lights and every time they will preferred sun-glasses in travel. Fibromyalgia patients will try deep breathing, flexible glasses, lightly tinted sunglasses and hats to avoid light sensitivity. They will also be affected of mobile and computer screens brightness and always use low brightness when they are using these smart devices.

Smell Sensitivity:

               Smell sensitivity is most panic problem for fibromyalgia patients. In Smell sensitivity patients having Fibromyalgia symptoms may feel irritations with scented perfumes, air sprays, cleaning agents, body lotions and detergents. They are feeling fatigue to nauseas and headaches due to these smell sensitivity issues, many times food of smell can badly affect fibromyalgia patients.

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