Fibromyalgia People have Distinct Intestinal Bacteria

By: Dr Alex Robber

A study comparing females with and without fibromyalgia first combined intestinal bacteria with the long-term disease and its main symptoms. Researchers examined people’s intestinal bacteria with fibromyalgia and discovered that they were different from individuals who had no illness.

Researchers in Canada have recognized 19 species of intestinal bacteria in persons with fibromyalgia current in greater or lower numbers. “We discovered that fibromyalgia and symptoms of fibromyalgia pain, exhaustion and difficulty cognitive, more to the differences we find in the microbiomes of patients with the illness, than any others,” tells Amir of the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit of McGill University, in Montreal.”

Amir is the first writer of a latest research article published in Pain. To avoid variables that may affect the relationship of gut bacteria and fibromyalgia he and his colleagues used artificial intelligence and other techniques. These include, among other variables, age, medication, diet and practice. “We have also seen,” Amir says, “that an increasing presence or pronounced lack of certain bacteria directly interrelate the severity of the symptoms of a patient something that has never previously been reported.”

The team wants to point out that the results do not indicate whether changes in intestinal bacteria only mark or add to the growth of the disease. Additional studies investigating the role of intestinal bacteria in headache, back pain and other pain related diseases could shed some light on this issue. Such a finding could considerably shorten the years it takes to diagnose the disease if intestinal bacteria are found to play an active part in encouraging and cause fibromyalgia. It can even pave the way for a cure.

Intestinal microbiome and fibromyalgia

Bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi and others which inhabit the digestive tract are an immense complicated ecosystem. These small guests exchange signals constantly with their host’s cells. Numerous studies show that a significant health and disease interaction between the gut microbiome and the body. Metformin, a medication for the therapy of resistance to insulin, is promising to treat fibromyalgia and warrants further studies.

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The long-term disease of fibromyalgia impacts 2-4% of the US population, which is approximately 6-12 million individuals. Fibromyalgia is predominantly pain that often happens with fatigue, sensitivity, trouble falling asleep and other symptoms. The symptoms do not disappear, although over time their intensity may differ.

People with fibromyalgia can discover it difficult to do everyday activities, such as a brief walk, climbing stairs and doing homework. Senior researcher Yoram, Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit Director at McGill University, explained, ‘ The symptoms are not only suffering in person with fibromyalgia but in families, friends and medical teams, who are also having trouble understanding their symptoms.”

Microbiome information have resulted to a precise diagnosis

Of the 156 women who participated in the study in Montreal, 77 were fibromyalgia, while the other 79 were healthy individuals. Siblings, descendants or relatives with fibromyalgia, or shared their living areas, were among the respondents in the control group. Samples of stool, urine and saliva were given by all respondents. They were also interviewed. Data from trials and interviews were evaluated by the scientists. They compared the outcomes with their healthy counterparts for respondents with fibromyalgia.

Study co-auteur Emmanuel Gonzalez claims: “In order to identify 19 species with fibromyalgia, we have sorted a big amount of information.” Gonzalez is a bioinformatics advisor for the Human Genetics Department at McGill University. The team could recognize which respondents had fibromyalgia, using machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence, for analysis of microbiomes in stool specimens with a precision of 87.8%.

We have noted,’ the researcher writes, “the combination of multiple breeding species with the severity of fibromyalgia diseases, including pain intensity, pain, tiredness, sleep disturbance and behavioral symptoms.” They added that the species ‘ abundance also has been’ selectively related to diseases associated with illnesses, but not with d They also want to do animal research to find out whether intestinal bacteria have a hand in fibromyalgia. Stay Healthizes!

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