Fibromyalgia pain go away
Fibromyalgia pain go away

Fibromyalgia pain go away

Fibromyalgia pain might go away

The medical world can act as a confusing one sometimes. But if you think that doctor knows how to lead the condition from worse to better make you feel hopeful and secure.

What do you think, when it feels like neither the researchers nor the doctors know how to treat your disease?

Fibromyalgia has been in debate for a very long time. There are a lot of theories related to it but the patients haven’t gotten accurate answers to their questions about the disease. Even its name was not developed and it didn’t have any status. Some doctors related it to depression. The symptoms of fibromyalgia correlate with other medical conditions that seem to be a problem for researchers and doctors.

But now, the existence of fibromyalgia is acknowledged. Sometimes, it can be very hard to live with this disease. Sometimes, you have to change your lifestyle to cope up with this disease. However, hope is rising with every new day that arises. Someday, someone will find an actual treatment of this condition. Until then, patients have to treat all the symptoms separately.

Understanding of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is hard to understand. Even, diagnosing fibromyalgia can be problematic. Different people have different symptoms of it and they show differently. Sometimes there are symptoms that occur due to other conditions like rheumatic diseases, depression, and anxiety, and so on.

Widespread pain is one of the major symptoms of fibromyalgia that can worsen your life. However, a lot of symptoms are there too which can make your life even worse.

For example, patients with FMS can suffer from headaches; memory issues, etc., and also sleep disturbances. Some symptoms that are often found in people with FMS includes facial tenderness, various types of sensitivity (to odors, light, medication, certain types of food, etc.), numbness and tingling feelings in the hands, feet, arms, and other areas of the body, fatigue, muscle pain, and twitching and decreased energy.

After considering all these things, you might be able to get to know that it is difficult to know the actual cause of this syndrome, and also it is difficult to cure and treat it as well.

Treatments available for fibromyalgia

The determined cause that has been proved yet would eventually lead to the development of treatment. Till now, fibromyalgia treatment has been given as symptomatic, which means there is a separate treatment of every symptom.

Therefore, patients with FMS are given those medications that help in treating the symptoms the patient is experiencing. The first prescribed thing will be pain medication. Anti-depressants are also prescribed due to the fact that depression also occurs in patients with FMS and also due to some theories that the high level of serotonin can help with amelioration of symptoms.

Moreover, other medication related to the symptoms can also be prescribed like sleeping pills. In addition to some medications, the doctor might say that you need to change your lifestyle. You need to be careful about what you eat, what you do, how your body reacts to certain foods, what you watch when to rest etc.

Moreover, doctors highly recommend doing exercises, light yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, physiotherapy, or acupuncture. These have been proved effective for the patients for the treatment.  It is important to start all these under someone’s guidance.

Which medication is considered to be one of the best?

Mostly, some doctors prioritize giving such medications that are helpful for pain and then prescribe other types of the pill as well. Some doctors might prescribe the patient some anti-depressants.

Lyrica is the very first drug that has been approved by FDA in 2007 (Marketed by Pfizer Inc.,). Originally, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, seizures, and pain related to the shingles rash were mainly intended to be treated with this drug, but now it is approved for fibromyalgia as well.

You should keep in mind that there can be some side effects of this drug like dizziness, lack of focus, poor memory, weight gain, dry mouth, or even swelling. Some people might have allergic reactions to this drug.

There are other two drugs that have been approved by FDA. One is Cymbalta (Originally, anxiety, depression, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy were treated by it) and the other is Savella (that seems to have similar side effects to anti-depressants).

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