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I am dedicating this article page to updates and news for you. In these uncertain times, this will be a place you can come to find out what we are doing, in case there is ever a disruption in social media platforms.

You are an important part of this community, and I believe that no matter what else you are doing, you are at the right place.

As fellow fibro over four decades, and trainer specializing in fibromyalgia, and its primary co-conditions, I am very passionate about this cause. I am even more passionate about guiding you to the right approach. This is complex, and the approach matters greatly. 

It’s more than a virus 

As if a new virus wasn’t enough. We are now seeing the effects of disorder in our world. When authority is abused, disorder ensues. People take matters into their own hands. 

However, when we are living with a chronic illness, we have bigger fish to fry, as I like to say. We also tend to be much more empathetic. 

We SEE ourselves as that man lying on the ground. We FEEL it. We KNOW what suffering feels like, and as many of you say here, and on our pages, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. 
YOU have empathy, not everyone does. 

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Uncertain Times (have you gotten sick of those words yet?)

We are currently in the midst of a health crisis like we have never seen before. This doesn’t just affect one city or zip code, no, this has affected our world, and many countries and people of all nationalities.

As a practitioner, I am keeping my eyes and ears open to the very best way to navigate this virus and help us all not just get through this, but hopefully and prayerfully come out better on the other side. 

As always, you can visit and also bookmark our article on Immune Health, I cover many topics of interest regarding immune status, from some of our top long-standing supplements to dietary principles, tools, and even mind/body practice. 

I’ve done many videos on the Facebook page talking about immune status, and it is a passionate topic for me, because like you, I have been fighting FM, CFS/ME, and MCS since the age of 9, and I truly get it. 

When in a health crisis, people run out and try to get their hands on every immune supplement possible, and I understand that mindset, however, we could have been doing these things all along, creating a greater resilience. 

 I often say “read between the lines”, actually I say that for pretty much for the entire website, and what that means is that it is very important to read carefully, bookmark any article, and refer back to it when time is limited.

We have a good track record working with fibromyalgia, and that is because we understand it, inside and out. We never resort to false cures, only protocols, and tools that have proven to help us live a better quality of life. 

Our primary goals are to reduce suffering, create a more accurate depiction and portrayal of fibromyalgia, a better quality of life, and a better future. 

A better quality of life not so that you can go save the world (that was already done for us) No, a better quality of life because that is our birthright

My experience with the virus 

If you follow on my main Facebook page, you have likely heard me talk about getting exposed to the Covid 19 virus back in February at a large 6-day conference with people from all over the world.

I have talked about my experience in video and interactive because I wanted to encourage anyone because I had so many people say that they just knew they would not fair well if they got the virus

Although I have lived with Fibromyalgia for over four decades, CFS/ME, and autoimmune conditions, I had overall mild symptoms. After I tested positive for antibodies, my friend and coworker also tested positive. I am 52, and he is 82. 

As a retired engineer and my researcher for the last 10 years, he also had rather mild symptoms, even with a pre-existing condition of COPD. I say this to hopefully encourage others. 

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Remember also that everything we do here at living smarter to increase our “immune status” are the very things that are helpful if you do catch any virus, cold, or flu. Some of us might just be more susceptible to catching things, but what happens after that is essential. 

The immune health article listed a few paragraphs above and the Symptoms List below is great additional resources.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms List

I often talk about the need for accuracy when it comes to Fibromyalgia Symptoms. You might see many Fibromyalgia Symptoms List out there that are just a list of random symptoms, and that can be dangerous. I believe it is more accurate to differentiate between primary symptoms and secondary symptoms. This matters for accuracy AND so that you do not miss another condition altogether.

Yes, fibromyalgia is complex, but we don’t want to miss something else by attributing everything to fibromyalgia. You can always refer back to this list at any time. You will see primary symptoms as links to an article and secondary symptoms within many of those articles.

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