Fibromyalgia Morning Foot Pain – How to Reduce It?

We all want to start our mornings off on the right foot, but it’s not always easy when dealing with fibromyalgia morning foot pain!

The pain we experience and its severity often varies from morning to morning. We cheer on low pain mornings and wish we had the ability to levitate when it is severe.

While there may not be a cure for fibromyalgia, there are ways to reduce morning foot pain that are easy and won’t break your bank account.

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Morning Warm-Up

Whether from a change in season or the cool breeze blowing from your air conditioner, cold temperatures often trigger foot pain. Cold and rainy days are guaranteed to increase the pain I experience in my feet. One easy way to reduce morning foot pain is to warm those puppies up!

Option number one is to sleep with an electric blanket. I overheat easily in my sleep and won’t sleep well with one on throughout the night, but I love running it for approximately 15-30 minutes while I slowly wake up on a frigid morning.

My second suggestion is actually my favorite because I live in southern California, and there really isn’t very frightful. Being the sweaty Betty that I am, a heated blanket isn’t ideal, but slipping my tootsies into an electric foot warmer, or under a heating pad is perfect!

Either way, options one and two make it possible to comfort your feet without having to leave the bed.

Another option is if your spouse gets up before you, they could fill a hot water bottle to place between your feet.


I love a good reflexology foot massage! It goes beyond releasing tension and pain in my feet, it also reduces pain in other areas of my body. While I haven’t been able to achieve the same results when doing it myself, I have felt and heard a release in tension in my spine, neck, and hips during the foot massages I receive from my husband.

It would be amazing to get a professional reflexology foot massage daily or even weekly, but it’s not realistic. Most health insurance companies do not cover this type of therapy and frequent massages can get quite pricey. And let’s get real, you wouldn’t be reading an article about inexpensive ways to reduce pain if money weren’t an issue. That is why I suggest getting your partner on board to learn about the different pressure points or purchasing a foot massager to enjoy at-home massages all the time.

When it comes to foot massagers, I recommend spending a little more on an electric version that provides a deep tissue massage for your feet and ankles. I never realized how much tension I held in my ankles until my husband began massaging them. Models that also include your calf muscles are even better!

The only reason I would not recommend a reflexology mat or any version that requires you to apply pressure is that we have become so used to holding back when we feel like something is going to inflict pain that we won’t put enough pressure on to achieve the relief our bodies really need. With that said, I know others who say that they are quite happy with them, I am just not one of them.

Pre-Treat Fibromyalgia Morning Foot Pain The Night Before

We pre-treat stains because we know they will not magically disappear overnight. So why is it that so many of us are resistant to pretreating our chronic pain?

Fibromyalgia is not curable, meaning that the odds of waking up pain-free one morning and never having to worry about our feet hurting are slim to none! Although I began experiencing fibromyalgia relief from treating my chronic pain with pemf therapy three years ago, I still experience flares that no machine, pill, or plant can control. However, because I am proactive and pre-treat the areas I know will be affected by weather changes and activity, I experience lower levels of pain less often.

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Pre-treating pain areas may feel like a waste of time or a hassle when first practiced. But, if you stick with it, in time you will begin to notice a lower level of pain. Less and consistent pain levels are easier to work with and around. I don’t have to be pain-free to be productive. I just need to be in less pain.

A few ways I pre-treat my foot pain before going to bed include but are not limited to:

Note that I do not do every treatment each night. I mix it up. This includes the types of lotions, oils, and balms I use. The reason for this is that in my 20+ years of battling chronic pain, I have learned that over time when repeating the same treatments every day my body builds a tolerance, and the treatments become ineffective.

Are Your Booties Made For Walking?

If you haven’t gone through your shoe closet and weeded out pairs that are too tight, rub the wrong way, pinch, do not provide support, or do not have cushioned soles, it is time to do so!

Your active and dress shoes should all provide comfort as well as to adapt when a flare causes tendon and joint swelling. We have no idea when and where a flare will strike. Sure we could always carry a backup option, but as I have learned, it is easier and less stressful to leave home in a pair that will adapt.

What I wear on my feet at home is no different. My feet are happiest when I wear slippers that are padded with memory foam that isn’t too thick that I can’t walk right, snug enough to walk comfortably in, and yet loose enough to allow for any swelling that may take place.

Finding the right shoes and slippers may feel like a daunting task, but trust me, once you find a style and brand that you can wear all day without increasing your foot pain, you will easily be able to spot what will or not work in the future.

While I may have loved big, heavy, and clunky shoes in the past, they were all donated years ago. I learned long ago that any pain that could be avoided is always worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

You may never again know what it is like to live without pain in your feet, but with some changes to your footwear, bedtime routine, and how you address pain, you could experience less pain on a regular basis.

The key to whatever you try is consistency. Only addressing pain when it becomes debilitating or when you can no longer tolerate it isn’t enough. A daily and weekly plan that is adhered to is what will result in a reduction of daily pain on a regular basis.

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