Fibromyalgia and Stress

Around 77 percent of people are under regular physical symptoms of stress, according to the American Stress Institute. 73% of people say that they experience stress-related psychological symptoms regularly. This can be manageable for a “normal” person. However, our bodies always have to be constantly stressed for a person who has fibromyalgia, so anything else can be weakened.

Sometimes a little hip can cause a bit of stress during the day, but you can brush it off and move on easily. Somebody dealing with fibro has already dealt constantly with stress symptoms, and it’s sometimes not that easy (literally or figuratively) to pin your shoulders on. He’s on my shoulder like Devil.

Some symptoms are low energy, headaches, stomach upheaval, pains, stiff muscles, insomnia, shaky hands and feet. Anyone who reads this knows that I have just described an ordinary day. The pain goes from 5 to 10, and 4 sleeping hours to 1 or 2, when a fibropatient has added to the stress. Emotional signs of stress are also present. Some are overwhelmed, like losing control or having to take control, relief difficulty, low self-esteem, depression, isolation.

There is also a constant concern about oblivion, lack of focus and pessimism (including the “fibro fog.”) Now, these symptoms are not ideal for a “normal” person but they can be managed for a short time. But these symptoms are again a daily symptom for a fibro patient, and a lifestyle. Patients with fibromyalgia are often affected both physically and mentally by stress. Without any additional work problems, schools, families, relationships, money etc.

Much stress is a wicked circle, physical stress increases psychological stress, and psychological stress increases physical stress and soreness. 48% of people reported lying awake because of stress at night. Again, this is normal for a fibromyalgia patient. Fibromyalgia causes constant tiredness but sleep is extremely uncommon to a fibrosick person due to pain and anxiety. If you add a strain to a relation, to money problems, to the stress of a project at work, that adds to the serious already sleep shortage of a fibroid patient (or who is not).

Many different medicines are available to assist in fibromyalgia’s emotional and physical pain, and there are different sleep-help options but no cure. Just as no cure is available in life for stress (if anyone is aware of it, please share it for fibrous or stress).

Over the years I tried to relieve and manage my stress by trying countless options. I’ve worked, tried yoga and even worked (I will run horizontally next time). I’ll do this. Newspapers, puzzles and treatment. While I have no relief from some of these options temporarily (again, if someone has suggestions, please share them).

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Much of the sufferers with fibromyalgia struggle to explain to someone what “the day” actually means. How do you explain someone’s invisible illness? The last time they’re really stressed, one good way is to ask them. Work, school, finance.

Finances. A battle with a family member, best friend or other important person. Ask them to remember their physical pain, sleeplessness, racing ideas. It all feels like fibromyalgia, day by day. All this.

How does fibromyalgia and PTSD connect??

Now that you understand what PTSD is and the symptoms, most people wonder how fibromyalgia is diagnosed. The main idea is that if you have such stress in your PTSD systems, your serotonin levels drop in the brain. This results in an increase in the P substance in patients with fibromyalgia. People with PTSD may also find that they begin to experience signs of fibromyalgia in addition to the symptoms of PTSD.

These symptoms are

  • They often report that they feel as if they are living in a fog.
  • They are always feeling sick and tired.
  • Memory problems.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Stomach problems that cause even more discomfort.

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