Is there a correlation between Fibromyalgia and Recurrent Miscarriages?

Yes. The underlying disease process causing the symptoms known as “Fibromyalgia” can include an increase in anti-cardiolipin antibodies known to increase the risk of clotting and thus miscarriages.

For more information, Regarding “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, “Fibromyalgia”, “Chronic Lyme” & other chronic diseases in which the patient is frequently told by their doctors that; “you look fine, I can’t find anything wrong with you despite all of the labs that I’ve run”.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) refers to an immune system malfunction in which the immune system essentially has a broken “off” switch. Up to half of the general population appears to be genetically susceptible (shoulda’ picked better parents) to this disorder.

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“Genes load the gun, exposure pulls the trigger”, what does “exposure” mean? It can be one of many things–anything that promotes a pro-inflammatory cytokine “storm” including sepsis, Covid, mold-related illness, and other issues. Mycotoxins, poisons secreted into the local environment by certain molds/fungi, Lyme Disease, Pfiesteria, Ciguatoxin, even exposure to certain vaccines such as the Lyme & Gardisil vaccine can create the surge of inflammatory cytokines that trigger the onset of the illness.

The International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness is a professional organization of practitioners experienced in treating this illness. Few physicians even recognize this illness other than calling it by the above names, much less have the awareness that it can be treated and reversed or the fact that while causing great suffering, it also frequently shortens lifespan.

If this doesn’t work, get a good medical evaluation

Lyme Disease, I am embarrassed to say that many of my colleagues “don’t believe” in certain diseases such as “Fibromyalgia” & “Chronic Lyme Disease” as if this was a theological or philosophical debate.

It’s not, It’s “applied biology”, AKA “Medicine” just as “applied physics” is called “Engineering”.

Sir. William Osler MD once said that “to know Syphilis is to know medicine” because syphilis (a disease that is caused by a spirochete–same family as Borrelia that causes Lyme) can affect so many different organ systems, causing great suffering and shortening lifespan with many types of clinical manifestations/malfunctions of virtually every organ system.

The fact that with both diseases there’s a long “latent” (asymptomatic/relatively asymptomatic, or with such a bizarre assortment of intermittent, nonconstant symptoms) doesn’t help.

Add to that the fact that most current lab technology has a false negative rate greater than 50% (over half of the folks with the disease test negative–as if they don’t have the disease).

In most infections, there’s a clear presence of “cure”. Chest X-rays after pneumonia clear up after infection resolves, blood counts return to normal, blood cultures become negative–the patient is “cured”.

Not so with Lyme; with most/many labs and imaging reports being normal with the disease–how do we know for certain when “cure” has happened.

Furthermore, there are two major professional organizations that weigh in on Lyme. The Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) is very stringent with its diagnostic criteria and when to use antibiotics to treat.

The International Society of Lyme-Associated Diseases (ILADs) has much more “liberal” criteria regarding when to “call” the diagnosis as positive and for how long to treat with antibiotics.

State Medical Boards have also been known to persecute (yeah, not prosecute, persecute) practitioners who recognize the serious nature of Lyme and treat it aggressively.

It’s a confusing illness, hard to diagnose, IMHO very undiagnosed with a H U G E portion of our population suffering due to it. There’s also strong evidence that it was genetically altered by the Dept of Defense to increase its virulence as a biological weapon with research done on Plum Island CT.

That’s the “short take” on “What’s the deal with Lyme disease”.

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