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Fibromyalgia and the Lyme communities are a dreadful subject (literally!). This is why I have for such a long time stopped writing about it. I know many of you will agree with me when I say I’m sick of listening doctors and scientists and if I only practice, I will feel better. Yet I know that they are probably right based on current research.

The thing is when the necessities of showering and preparing meals come up every day, it is just funny to take a power walk around the neighborhood. 10 minutes of yoga are adequate to bring the majority of us into a flare of days.

Strong Autoimmune is an online fitness program developed particularly for people with chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders and Lyme disease.

I WAND to work out like someone who used to do 5 kg, but if I did it in the past, my pain and exhaustion only intensified so much. I found very rapidly that standard practice plans just don’t work for me (there is a name for this in reality: post exercises malaise and it’s a real thing despite the fact that most physicians never heard of it). For my body, it’s too tiring and exhausting.

I have required over the years a fibromyalgia training programmed, and I’ve now found a fibromyalgia-like programmed! After fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac disease, Andrea Wool developed Autoimmune Strong. after her second son was born. Like many of us, she could not find solutions to her problems in the conventional medicine model and wanted to see whether changes in lifestyle could improve her symptoms but only added another challenge: most fitness programs are designed for (semi-)healthy people and do not tackle the physical limitations of living with a chronic disease. She will crash with normal exercise.

Andrea eventually decided to develop her own training program for the recovery of her body and now shares it with others. I watched Autoimmune Strong’s first couple of videos. I decided that I would share it with my readers instantly. Andrea’s method is so slow and gentle that I think her system could benefit those of us (even myself) who want to start a workout, but do not have the strength to do conventional exercises.

So, I address a discussion with Andrea today where we explore her health challenges, how these have led to the formation of Autoimmune Strong and how its initiative, in the fibromyalgia and Lyme groups, addresses the need for soft movements. I hope our interview will please you!

They have encountered a variety of health problems, including fibromyalgia, thyroiditis of Hashimoto and celiac disease. Will you share your chronic disease story?

AF is an online fitness program developed specifically for people who have chronic pain. autoimmune strength training. It was developed by Andrea Wool with fibromyalgia, thyroiditis and celiac Hashimoto.

Creator of Autoimmune Strong is Andrea Wool

Andrea Wool: I was very sick almost 6 years ago. I just bare my second son, and I just knew there was something about my body that was really wrong. Tired of mental fatigue, I felt drained. I quickly gained weight and at all times I had regular, burning and extreme pain in my body.

I had been with a newborn and a 3-year-old on maternity leave at home and I could not take care of my babies, home or myself entirely. I couldn’t. I wanted my mom and my husband to provide continuous support just every day. It would be difficult, exhausting, to play literally daily things like taking my son up the floor, or carrying my sister up the steps, or to go to a grocery store. In unbelievable pain all over, I spent my days in tears. There was an extreme and debilitating fatigue.

Most of them assured me that I was okay. I’ve seen many doctors. But I was NOT all right, clearly. I had to leave my job so sick. It all helped me feel stronger, I was desperate for anything. I began looking at things that I could control–what I was eating and how I was moving my body. I have developed a food-based healing procedure over time, which I felt might function. I decided to avoid gluten, sugar, milk, alcohol and caffeine. I decided to avoid processed food and only buy organic food and meat.

I knew that movement had to be also part of healing after being an athlete in my life. I hired a personal trainer, but it was really hard, so I started moving again. I was too tired to do anything I did before, and the exercises we did caused a massive burst in my body. I’d feel great for a week and then drained and depressed for two weeks.

I began to feel better after a few months of this self-designed regimen and realized I’m on the right track. Yet I didn’t return to’ natural’ anyway, and I had to learn how. What I lost, I wanted to know. But I decided to go back to school. I made a big decision. I became a nutritionist and a certified personal trainer to learn more and to improve my healing skills.

Two years later, Hashimotos [Thyroiditis], celiac and Fibromyalgia finally diagnosed me, which continues to amaze my physicians throughout my personal healing journey with only food and movement. I hope now that others will also be inspired to create their own healing path and not be pained forever.

Feeling During Days

In reality, these days I feel fantastic. I can’t even believe that I’m the same guy, looking back on this story. The recovery was sluggish and not yet completed. But now I can do things that I didn’t believe were possible 6 years later. I could go back to the active lifestyle I loved. I’m playing, I do yoga and I have just begun to learn how to lift. I’m 185 pounds deadlift! I’m not only healthy enough to work, I’m willing to run my own business.

But I can keep up with my boys most importantly. We like to run around and I’m able to ride with them completely. I go up with them, I can put them on my back, I play games, I can fight them and I can handle them rough-house, and my body can handle them. We don’t recall a “sick” mother. Just as I am now, they know me. And I’m forever thankful for that.

I think we’re all told that we should exercise under fibromyalgia and similar conditions, but it’s so hard–especially at first, because exercise tends to worsen our symptoms. How have you begun to start and remain motivated?

Yes, with fibromyalgia I have found that exercise is a double-edged sword, as well as other chronic pain problems. It is important to move, but too much motion will cause the worst flare. It took me a long time to work out the balance. I hired a personal trainer like I mentioned above, but she had no understanding of my body. My results were that the majority of personal trainers and fitness practitioners want you to move your body so that you can improve yourself faster. “No pain, no benefit,” okay? Okay, I did not work for me, I tried that. This left me sicker, instead. As a former athlete it was difficult to wrap my brain around the idea I needed to slide down. Pacing for people with a fibromyalgia is the most important part of a fitness regime. I assume that what works best is gradual, steady and consistent over time.

I’m inspired because it makes me feel better now that I work out in the right way for my body! I notice that exercise can help instead of hurting if I sense a flare comes in. Exercise is my medicine for me now. I don’t do it to be “skinny,” or to focus on my last meal. It is something I am doing to help my own process of healing.

Why is remaining physically active to those of us with fibromyalgia and the like?

Exercise can help us manage our symptoms and inflammations when done correctly. Chronic conditions of pain are caused by inflammation, and exercise will help reduce inflammation if done correctly. In fact, the right workouts will allow our bodies to respond to a pain response that can help us get through our daily work. The companies must learn to be negative.

What is High Autoimmune and what have brought you to it?

Autoimmune Strong is an online fitness program specifically designed for people with chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.

Because I was so angry, I created it because nobody in fitness understood what my body was like. I’ve been trying for a lot of time to find somebody who could help me learn until I did an accident and couldn’t find anybody who knew what I was doing. I built for myself this software, and it was fun. Then I decided to use my personal training clients individually and they felt good, too.

On the basis of the great results, I was inspired to create a curriculum that was simple to do at home, open to everyone, which helped people like me become stronger and better. Strong was born autoimmune!

How can Autoimmune Strong vary from other programs on the market and what can participants expect for those interested in starting an internship program?

Autoimmune Strong is the only fitness training program designed exclusively to people with chronic pain. Autoimmune Strong’s most important feature is the nature of the programmed. The first step is to target specific postural muscles without large movements. Autoimmune Strong Such exercises are successful in strengthening the body, but do not cause stress and inflammation.

Additionally, the program’s pace distinguishes it. Most training programs drive you to the limit. Autoimmune Strong begins very slowly so you can better adjust your body to movements and develop without any flare. And finally, Autoimmune Strong has a community component, where people in a private Facebook group can chat with each other to share our goals, our achievements, and our fight. Chronic pain is an invisible illness and understanding what we live with is difficult for the people in our environment. The better we’ll be able to support each other!

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