What does Fibro Fog feel like in Fibromyalgia?

Like you have the flu constantly. Affecting your concentration and memory. And the pain itself is very distracting and tiring. Generally just feeling physically tired all the time. Sometimes worse than others.

Numerous fibromyalgia symptoms come and go. From hour to hour your symptoms change. Often ith little reason. Other symptoms can last for years.

Allergies can be very problematic. Sometimes with chronic inflammation.

And chronic pain can lead to clinical depression. The symptom of Fibromyalgia includes many symptoms that are common with depression. Sometimes being difficult to separate the symptoms of fibromyalgia and the symptoms of clinical depression.

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For me, it makes work very difficult and many people are unable to work. Due to the physical symptoms and clouding of the mind. All the symptoms distract from activities.

Exercise needs to be limited and slowly increased as can be tolerated. Overexertion leads to significant increases in pain and physical and mental exhaustion.

Using medications can add to the confusion. It may be difficult to find the best balance of medications.

Most people with Fibromyalgia have a hard time getting a diagnosis and getting effective support from doctors. GPs will often misunderstand the symptoms. Usually, a diagnosis of arthritis or depression is made. And most of the correct diagnosis comes from rheumatologists.

They are the doctors that are likely to make the diagnosis. And in the case of a diagnosis of depression, a psychiatrist may be able to provide a better diagnosis. The GPs are improving and can now diagnose fibromyalgia better. Or refer a person to a rheumatologist or psychiatrist for a clear diagnosis.

Support groups are great. That is where people can better understand your situation. Even with very strange symptoms. It may be hard to explain to a doctor the feeling of ice or electricity running up and down your limb bones. But most people with fibromyalgia will recognize the terrible sensations.

The shooting pain in your bones, usually limbs, with the sensations of chills or electricity can be one of the most painful symptoms. Usually when your fibromyalgia is really bad.

Depression that may be caused by fibromyalgia also has bad effects on your thinking and concentration. If the mental symptoms are very bad a psychologist could be able to assess your level of functioning.

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