Famous People Having Fibromyalgia
Famous People Having Fibromyalgia

Famous People Having Fibromyalgia

Basics of Fibromyalgia

This disease affects the brain of a person. The disorder causes the central nervous system to become oversensitive to pain impulses from various parts of the body.

The disease causes chronic and widespread pain all over the body that cannot be related to a single physiological cause. The most frequent complaint of fibromyalgia patients is muscular and skeletal pains.

The reason behind this is the abnormal behavior of the sensory neurons close to the spinal cord as they become hyperactive upon the application of a pain stimulus.

A large number of problems other than body pain are associated with the disorder. People may also lose the cognitive ability and the ability to concentrate on a single task for a lengthy amount of time due to this disorder. The attention extent and the ability to multitask could develop.

It may also cause disrupted sleep patterns and mood swings. The interrupted sleep pattern leads to other problems that are nearly identical to the problems faced by healthy people when they’re deprived of sleep.

Continuous fatigue and the feeling of tiredness throughout the day is the most common problem related to fibromyalgia. The tiredness remains consistent even after a long period of sleep.

The reason behind this lies in the fact that while the patient cannot remind waking up in the middle of the night, but fibromyalgia causes pain and the sleep is disturbed and causes a patient to wake up for very short periods and disturbs the long sleep that is needed for healthy functioning.

Who does it affect?

Almost 2% of the adult human population all over the world gets affected by this disorder annually. Some theories suggest it to be a genetically linked disorder. For this reason, people with relatives who have fibromyalgia are at greater risk of getting the disease at some point in their life.

Fibromyalgia may also intensify by physical stresses or injuries. Neck injuries are one of the most common triggers of fibromyalgia in healthy people. The thing that should be clearly known is that apart from physiological and physical stresses, psychological stresses also play a vital role in the development of this disease.

The probability of the disorder is very high in people who have continuous stress or some form of posttraumatic stress disorder. The symptoms of fibromyalgia can also get intensified due to inherent psychological problems.

There is no distinction between race, age, gender, and economic status. All groups of people are equally probable of becoming its victim.  There are several celebrities and famous people who suffer from fibromyalgia.

Moreover, it is reported that famous people and celebrities are at a greater risk of developing fibromyalgia because of the raised level of psychological stresses they face. This is particularly factual for people who are in very accountable positions and have to make important decisions every day.

The most famous celebrity Sinead O’Connor was one of the victims of this disorder. The condition of the disease was so intensified that she was required to take a two-year pause and step away from the limelight in order to properly deal with the condition and get proper treatment.

Moreover, Sinead was also a patient with bipolar disorder and has to manage her problems while raising 4 children at the same time. Another famous celebrity Susan Flannery had to take a break from their career in order to deal with fibromyalgia. She won Emmy four times but had to leave showbiz in 2007 due to her condition. She later returned and was told that she had a daily basis treatment which did not allow her to work.

Michael James Hastings was one of the very serious victims of the disease who later had to leave their careers in order to get proper treatment. Moreover, he started spreading awareness about this disease as a spokesperson.

Florence Nightingale was a patient whose fight for fibromyalgia becomes harder when caught by another infection. She faced the disorder with so patience and her soul parted at a fine age of ninety. Rosie Hamlin is a celebrity who was so aggravated with fibromyalgia that she was strained to make remarkable changes to her career.

She was the lead singer of the band, “Rosie & The Originals” but after becoming a victim of fibromyalgia, she was not able to carry along with the tours and started a new career as an artist.

The wife of Ambassador Paul Bremer Frances Winfield Bremer has been fighting against fibromyalgia for the past 30 years. She is an active worker for spreading awareness about the disease along with her husband. She is an important member of several organizations working on this disorder.

One of the most high-profile celebrities who are a source of inspiration for all those who suffer from the disorder is Morgan Freeman, the man who played god fights has to fight with fibromyalgia every day.

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