Effectively manage time while having fibromyalgia
Effectively manage time while having fibromyalgia

Effectively manage time while having fibromyalgia

How to manage time is difficult for everyone. But, when you are having fibromyalgia, it gets even harder to manage time effectively with certain limitations because of the condition. If you are not a fibromyalgia sufferer, it could be easy for you to maintain a “to-do list” or something like that. However, those people have to be careful and flexible with their scheduling if are fibromyalgia sufferers.

Normal persons can use their time in any way if they want it to be effectively utilized; it is like a product or service for them. But, time is like a luxury for fibromyalgia sufferers. It means they cannot spend their time as if they have a lot of it, and all they need to do is to use it properly. Obviously, you don’t have plenty of time so the time you have should be used effectively and properly. Writing everything down is the very first important step of all.

It feels like you are giving priority to the time if you write everything down so you can get those tasks to be done. Every task that you want to do should be written down. Then after that, prepare a daily task list that contains ten items, which you think you can accomplish in a day.

Make sure that just two tasks out of those ten are difficult and the rest of the tasks should be easy. They should be easy in a way that you think that you will do them easily. Finally, an agenda should be there that you can schedule and maintain a track of every detail of how you will do these things.

This is just something to keep track of and to be organized. It is good for even normal people. Moreover, some people having fibromyalgia also suffer from “brain fog” that affects memory. So when you write a thing, there will be no chance that you will get lost in that brain fog. So if you don’t want to forget something, just write it down.

When you cross the thing off after accomplishing it, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction. You should keep close to your task notebook as you go through the day. When you think of some task that you want to be done, the last thing that you want to do is go and search for it.

Cross the item on your agenda, when you finish it. All those things are also included that you gave to someone else also. You can cross it off when you ask someone to finish something. The things that aren’t done should be moved to the next page for tomorrow’s tasks.

Following are the tips that you need to follow for effective time management besides writing the things down:

Enjoy yourself with your capabilities

Maintain a record and focus on the efforts you can do to accomplish things. Don’t focus too much on the things you are unable to perform. You should remember your boundaries of your condition. You will feel motivated when you make a list of the things that you can do because this will put you in the right direction.

Accept your boundaries

You should be equally aware of the things that you are unable to perform. Surely, there are certain tasks that you want to do and you are very good at it, but if you try to do them by crossing the boundaries, it will lead you towards failure and the feeling of disappointment you get from it. It will be stressful for you if you try to do tasks that are beyond your abilities. You will let yourself down as well as you will feel guilty for letting others down also.

Make a routine

This seems very restricted when you have to decide what you will do and what you will not. People having fibromyalgia have to maintain a well-ordered routine to keep them in the right way. If you have a plan for every day, you will feel like your day isn’t wasted and you have accomplished something.

Decide your key time

Your schedule will be definitely affected by it. Wither the person is a “morning person” or a “night owl”. It means that everyone has a time in a day in which one feels more productive. For people who have fibromyalgia will only mean that either they are feeling active or not.

There are times in a day when you are either feeling worse or better. The time will tell you when these better times will come. When you get to know about these times, you can work on those times for better results. There are times when your symptoms make you feel even worse and you can’t do anything at that time.

Try to be flexible

There are days when you can’t accomplish the tasks that you have planned for. If you are having fibromyalgia or other chronic illness. You have to accept that. When you can’t physically stand up and perform a task, postpone it or skip it. Try to do those tasks that you are able to do, and simply move forward to the next task.

Maintain some rules

Prepare some rules for yourself. These rules can be for managing your symptoms effectively, maintaining some boundaries for yourself, or being able to deal with certain situations. You should have some rules when you have to rest and when to work. Rules are effective to cope up with the symptoms.

Say NO when you feel sick

You should not feel guilty about the things you can’t do. It is important to know and accept your boundaries if you are a fibromyalgia sufferer. People who have type A personalities, find it difficult to say “NO”. You should give an excuse or can tell how you are feeling right now. People who are not going through it will never understand what it’s like when you are in pain, but you can’t let them affect your life or your decisions.

Learn to envoy

It is another thing that can be difficult for you. But you should distribute your work instead of trying to get it done by yourself and getting discouraged. You have to accept that you can’t do everything you want. You can ask for a favor and in return, you can do something for others that you find easy for yourself. For example, if you feel easy in baking things. You can ask the neighbor kid to take out garbage from your kitchen and in return take the baked cookies.

Manage your priorities

You have to admit that you can’t do everything. You have to take a rest if you are suffering from a chronic illness. Try to do the things first that give you joy and pleasure. So just go back to the list that you have made and look at the capabilities that you want to celebrate. Keep those tasks done at first that have a better chance of getting done with a greater sense of joy and satisfaction.

We have already pondered upon the fact that time is a luxury for FMS sufferers. So, you have to carefully think about how you can utilize it. You need to prioritize the tasks so that you can manage your time effectively.

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