Do you know that Palliative Treatment is the best Option for Mesothelioma?

Do you know that Palliative Treatment is the best Option for Mesothelioma?

By Researcher: James Robber

Palliative treatment alleviates mesothelioma symptoms from pain and discomfort. In patients diagnosed with any phase of mesothelioma, it can greatly improve quality of life.

Palliative care is aimed at palliating or improving the quality of life of a mesothelioma patient. In patients with early stage mesothelioma, it is often paired with curative surgery.

Palliative Surgery Benefits

1st is Patient Comfort

The comfort of the patient is the biggest and most visible advantage of palliative care. Mesothelioma, especially in later stages, can be painful. The relaxation of pain and symptoms reduces suffering and stress for patients.

2nd is Potential Survival Benefit:

Several studies have shown that cancer palliative care can improve patient survival. More comfortable patients are able to be treated more aggressively.

The role of palliative therapies in advanced-stage mesothelioma is even greater in patients who normally do not qualify for curative surgery. This increases the quality of your life by alleviating discomfort and pain from advanced mesothelioma symptoms.

Understanding Palliative Treatment

Palliative treatment is an important factor in mesothelioma care, since it is used for patients diagnosed in any stage of mesothelioma in contrast to curative surgery. When mesothelioma is advanced, it can’t be resected–surgeons can’t remove the tumor because it has spread all too far across the body.

Patients with advanced stage mesothelioma benefit from palliative care through alleviation of pain and discomfort associated with mesothelioma symptoms. Lightening pain helps people to survive and recover better.

Palliative Treatment Types

Depending on the location of the tumor and the cancer level, the type of palliative treatment that a mesothelioma specialist prefers. If a tumor is found in the defense of the lungs (pleura), one or many of the following palliative therapies may be recommended by a mesothelioma expert:

1st is Pleurodesis:

A pleurodesis may help people with frequent pleural effusions, the development of fluid from inside and outside the lung pleura, recover from pain and discomfort. Excess fluid is removed during the treatment, and a chemical adhesive seals the gap between the internal and external pleuras. The adhesive is applied between the layers of the pleura and is screened so as not to return to the liquid accumulation.

2nd is Thoracentesis:

Injury is less invasive than pleurodesis. A surgeon places the needle between the inner and external pleura and drains the accumulation of fluid. Fluid drainage relieves the patient’s pressure and discomfort. While pleural effusion cannot be assured, thoracentesis is a safer way to treat patients who are not well enough to undergo an invasive procedure.

3rd is Paracentesis:

A paracentesis for patients with peritoneal mesothelioma is a palliative treatment. Fluid accumulation in patients with peritoneal mesothelioma is similar to effusions in those suffering from pleural mesothelioma. Such accumulations take place in the peritoneal cavity–the space between the interior and exterior peritoneums-and are referred to as ascites. A needle is inserted into the abdominal cavity during a paracentesis and the ascites are drained.

4th is Pericardiocentesis:

The deposition of fat, the lining of the heart, is removed from the pericardium. This technique alleviates nervous pressure and chest pain due to fluid deposition.

Getting the Right Treatment

A patient and his mesothelioma doctor must agree on the best treatment for palliative care in their treatment scheme. Because, regardless of diagnosis, the right treatment center and specialist is the option of palliative intervention in every mesothelioma patient’s care.

Whatever care a patient has available, palliative therapies can help mesothelioma patients improve their life quality and re-focus on time with friends and family.

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