Do not stop yourself from fighting

It doesn’t make me literally explode in tears often, but today. It’s not often something. I’ve been catching all things on a TV series, yes a TV series. I wasn’t reacting emotionally this time because of the treatment of the person. This was due to the actress ‘ very real despair when she was told her character could not find anything wrong. She was so emotional that I had felt personally that for a moment it overwhelmed me.

Such desperation felt so many of us with Fibromyalgia and other invisible diseases. It’s a terrible, solitary sense. You are so nuts because tests come back with no meaningful results for your pain and all your other symptoms. Or, they find things, they treat them, and yet you feel awful. It’s disappointing, furious and humiliating. Some of us had to go to a doctor and find somebody who even listens. Particularly when we are young.

People do not like to believe that if you’re over 50, you have serious medical problems. The older I get, the more obvious it is because, without my history and without an argument, doctors are more willing to hear and test each year. These days I don’t have to argue much because I have so much surgery and diagnosis once they see my medical history. In dealing with doctors who do not know my history and with people who are untrained or misinformed, I still must deal with ignorance.

I used to be confused and confused about what the people said to me. Sometimes it devastated me and asked me for a while. So, all the treatments I had and I followed all the advice I had received from those people. I heard all their theories about weight loss, my diet changing and more exercise. They have used all of their medicines and have all their procedures carried out. I allowed the doctors to do anything they suggested, thinking that with all their education and training they knew best. For months, I finally passed over a ridiculous number of renal stones along with kidney infections, urethral stents, and lithotripsies. I also lost my gallbladder, became more cysts on my ovaries and I suffered pancreatitis as well as a ton of drugs that were not drug-free and drug-free.

It was terrible, and I was finished one day. Everybody else I was done listening. I decided it was time to get up for myself. I decided. I fired, got new doctors and changed the whole point of view and the whole approach. It was my best choice ever. No, I have not solved all my problems and healed my symptoms, but I have improved my emotional and mental condition. Neither did I accept any new physician. Indeed, I still want a very good medical team, but that’s because I’m not going to settle down. I go to an appointment and measure their response to my circumstances. I move on, if they’re not my favorite. I will only work with doctors who know about Fibromyalgia up to date because they are the least investigated and important information of my condition.

If they seem not well-informed, I will even print out accurate information that they cannot deny from a credential source. They are immediately rejected when they have a negative attitude. See, my point of view has changed so much that I’ve decided I don’t have the energy, or time, to get doctors to learn. It is their job to treat their patients correctly and know the latest ways. I don’t want them to do anything if they don’t perform the most essential function of their job.

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I’m not wasting my breath again to try to persuade people that want to stay uninformed. I am going to raise awareness, but after seeing the factual information, I will not try to persuade. Between these two things there is a huge difference. I’m going to walk off. If people don’t want to see and try to understand the valid research available then they can’t understand my life. Why in my life should I want them? I decided that I did not, and it liberated me from the many awful feelings that I experienced earlier.

I live this. It is true, abnormal, and painful, I know. I know that the ordinary person would be on MY pain scale at the hospital begging for pain medicines. I know I have been conditioned not to make the average person lose his or her consciousness out of pain and nausea and stay calm and focused when other people are hysterical. I have all this to learn and my body has to deal with because it is not acceptable as an alternative. I don’t need anybody else’s validation. Because someone MUST, I’ll advocate for myself. Everything you need, too. With your medical team, I do not propose to be arrogant and uncooperative. It is important to ask questions and to do research; however, you must recognize your medical knowledge’s limitations and know when to listen to the professionals.

When you go to a new doctor, ask your doctor or whatever your condition is about fibromyalgia. Either educate or move forward if you don’t like their answer. Don’t waste your time if you don’t say 100% that your condition is valid and requires up-to-date research for proper treatment. The doctor you need WILL can admit that the research remains underway and is ready to try new ways of managing it unless the older / average methods improve you’re living. You deserve to be treated by a doctor who is willing to do anything to really help your patient.

It is unfortunate that it has to do this, but we really need to take an active part in finding and managing our health. Right doctor. In certain areas, finding a good physician is even harder. At these times, doctors choose to keep a close eye on new research against their beliefs or to be present in an area seriously influenced by the opiate crisis, so that all their attention is focused on curbing the epidemic rather than learning how to recognize and treat invisible diseases.

Some people may be able to find a doctor in their local area who has developed their understanding of less well-understood diseases. It is worth to visit me to find a physician who is informed and willing to listen. In some cases, only major appointments may be required in person and the rest can be practically done. You can even have the option of long-distance care if you’re fortunate enough to have good insurance. Take a look at your policy’s fine print to see the options.

When you do not have the option of traveling, I suggest looking for new doctors from an institution with accurate information in the curriculum. You can also join local support groups and seek guidelines. You might know somebody who is good in the area. You want mainly a primary doctor and a rheumatologist. Multiple websites rate physicians’ online. Read the reviews to have an idea about the character of the doctors. It can be a very long process, but it cannot settle for a doctor who doesn’t evaluate and treat you correctly.

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You need to remain active in the management of your health even once you find a doctor and treatment plan. It’s also a must have a backbone. In our arsenal our intestine can be a very significant, potent tool. If something’s not right, your brain knows. It’s connected to your body and knows if something is wrong. It knows exactly what is going on and where we just do not know how to interpret the information correctly. Our intestine will only tell us something’s wrong. Listing to the feeling.

You want to listen to your intestines, of course; but if you persist, that something is not right–bring it to your doctor. You want to be reasonable and logical. Previously, I told you when I fired and changed my doctors. I couldn’t be here today if I didn’t. I was injecting a drug with a variety of side effects. Three injections, each one week apart, were scheduled for me, but somewhat told me to cancel the second. The day after the planned trials re-appeared showing that the pancreatitis caused my gallbladder had to be removed. The medicine caused it. When I have received the second round, it’s not clear if my pancreas could have been saved. You can’t live without one-listen to and protect your instincts.

We do have a strong healthcare team, but we are the number one instrument in our arsenal. Support yourself. Advocate. Squash your disgraceful feelings as it’s true. Your pain is real. Your pain is real. Every symptom and complication you fight is real. You deserve love, knowledge, good care and compassion. They call us warriors because we have to fight for ourselves and our own bodiesRegardless how weak you feel on your worst day, on your best you are stronger than many.

Raise awareness and inform untrained people, but don’t waste skeptics ‘ energy. They are worth it not, and you have to focus on the best that your body can make you live and be there for those who want to have you around. Love yourself. Love yourself. Take care of yourself and try not to live up to society’s expectations. Take a break, it’s all right to pause. You’re different, but all you do is make you better because you’re probably more aware of things than others. Use it.

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