Dizziness, Balance, and Falls During Fibromyalgia Flares

By: Dr Alex Robber

I am 57 years old right now and have been battling fibromyalgia for over 32 years. With fibro it’s not simple to go through every day. A normal person tends to lose his energy with time, he / she can’t walk properly, can’t bring up heavyweights, etc. But these symptoms occur a little sooner in the event of fibro than a normal person. One of the main problems for fibro patients, particularly for the elderly, is that they have bad equilibrium and dizziness, which ultimately causes you to fall a lot. These are minor complaints for some individuals, but sometimes you get seriously injured due to the fall, which is a significant problem for all fibro sufferers.

Fibro patients, whether mild or severe, are always in constant pain. The last thing we need is to hurt the fall. Together with Pain and fatigue, it is a very serious problem.

For most of the day, the fear of falling and injury will make you inactive. For instance, if you must go upstairs to do some work, you’d likely believe that going upstairs would take a tremendous quantity of energy and what if I slipped upstairs and injured myself. This fear, in turn, can cause you to fear being active. Approximately 74 percent of Fibromyalgia patients are afraid of physical activity, and nearly 80 percent of patients have a balance issue, according to a recent research in Clinical Rheumatology.

In fact, falling is not a symptom, but a result of bad equilibrium and dizziness. So, what are we going to do about these issues?

Fibromyalgia and Dizziness

Dizziness occurs mostly when you rapidly stand up. You may not feel any dizziness if you are sitting or lying down. It works like a “Head Rush,” you’re going to feel dizzy as quickly as you attempt to stand up. You may need to lose this dizziness for a minute or two or you may break down. This dizziness will make you move slowly so that you don’t fall.

Dizziness and fainting may be part of the same subset, according to the 2017 study published in the “European Journal of Pain.”

As well as many other symptoms, this subgroup also had the most serious pain. Most of these symptoms are comparable to many other circumstances such as “fibro flare,” syndrome of the irritable intestine, Restless leg syndrome, and Vulvodynia.

Dizziness is triggered by Autonomous Nervous System ANS dysfunction, also known as dys-autonomy, according to studies.

The autonomous nervous system (ANS) is accountable for many of our body’s critical functions such as heart rate, digestion, metabolism, and body temperature.

Dizziness induced by Autonomous Nervous System ANS can also be called orthostatic intolerance or tachycardia syndrome (POTS) postural orthostatic. These things mean, in Simple Words, that heart and brain do not communicate with each other correctly.

So, what occurs when you stand up from a place of lying or sitting. Under ordinary condition, your heart offers your brain with enough oxygen to maintain healthy blood pressure when you stand up. When you stand up with Dysautonomia, your heart doesn’t give your brain enough blood to make you feel light-headed or dizzy. The heart rate in POTS accelerates as blood pressure falls.

Dizziness will also create you feel that as you run, your heart beats very quickly. It can also trigger pain in the chest and blurred vision.

Researchers discovered in a 2008 research that dizziness and rapid heartbeat are more prevalent than fainting. They also proposed that POTS is one of their primary symptoms during testing.

Balance and Walking Problems in Fibromyalgia

Research suggested walking individuals with fibromyalgia is different from ordinary individuals. A 2009 study reported that approximately 30% of people with fibromyalgia had an abnormal way of walking.

A study on functional efficiency is being performed in 2017, scientists said gait and equilibrium in fibromyalgia were significantly impaired. Included differences:

  • Shorter pitch.
  • Moving on to a slow pace.
  • In a unique manner, body Sway.
  • Researchers also discovered that in individuals with more pain, fatigue, and anxiety, equilibrium and walking were worse.

Researchers also proposed that this distinction in equilibrium and uniqueness is also one of the main causes of fibromyalgia falling in a walking way. They suggested that if patients with fibromyalgia were able to work on their gait and equilibrium, they could decrease their falling.

This study’s sole aim was to demonstrate that gait and equilibrium are one of the main reasons for fibromyalgia falls. Doctors don’t usually consider falls to be of excellent significance, but if you’re worried, you should talk to your doctor or rehabilitator about it.

Reducing Dizziness and Fall Risk in Fibromyalgia

If you can successfully or even reduce your fibromyalgia’s symptoms, you won’t be affected by dizziness or equilibrium. However, if you believe the dizziness or equilibrium needs more attention, then there are several choices to consider.

Your physician may recommend you some medicine for POTS dizziness. Medication may assist but attempt to prevent it and use some natural diets. SSRI / SNRI, benzodiazepines and beta blockers are common drugs.

Smoking is another major fainting cause. Research published in RA Journal Joint proposed that quitting smoke could significantly decrease your fainting and many other symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The most popular treatment for the issue of balancing and gait is physical therapy. If yoga / taiichi or any other technique is useful or not, you can also consult your doctor. Most people don’t prefer yoga because stretching is needed that hurts patients with fibro. You need to be cautious before you get rid of or decrease these symptoms. To maintain you on your feet, you might find cane or walker helpful. These alternatives are the ones I find useful. If you have any other in mind, please let us know in remarks so that our community can take advantage of them. Stay Healthizes!

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