Disc Extrusion – Causes Symptoms Treatment


A disc extrusion, also known as a disc herniation, usually occurs from degeneration due to a disease like osteoarthritis or the natural aging process. Other causes may include injury, trauma, overexertion, illness, or obesity. Given the circumstances, disc extrusions are largely unpreventable and may heal on their own without surgery.


In most cases, an extruded disc will cause referred pain. Meaning, pain that is felt in an area other than where the disc extrusion was caused. Symptoms of disc extrusion generally include:

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  • Pain in the lower pain, buttocks, groin, or thighs
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Weakness in the lower extremities


For minor cases of disc extrusion, surgery may not be necessary. Many extruded discs heal on their own. Nevertheless, treatment for pain that often accompanies disc extrusion may be necessary for some patients. Treatments usually include pain medication, steroid injections, nerve blocks, and more. If the extruded disc progresses into a severely damaged or herniated disc, patients may want to consider minimally invasive spine surgery.

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