Difference Between D.O. and M.D.

Difference Between D.O. and M.D.

You may have perused the “Providers” section of our website and wondered what the D.O. and M.D. behind a physician’s name stood for. You may have also wondered if the difference between the two degrees matters within the medical field. The pain management physicians at Chronicillness.co Site of United States understands these titles may be confusing to patients, which is why they are addressing the differences between physicians with a D.O. and M.D. degree.

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M.D.s and D.O.s are both licensed physicians, however, their training differed slightly allowing them to bring unique perspectives on patient care. M.D.s focus on the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. This is a “classic” form of medicine, also referred to as allopathic medicine, that allows the physician to practice medicine and surgery as well as prescribe medications. These doctors work to treat a patient’s symptoms. Roughly 750,000 physicians in the United States are M.D.s.

D.O.s on the other hand place a heavy emphasis on integrated care. A D.O. is an osteopathic physician with a holistic view of medicine. He or she reaches a diagnosis based on the patient’s whole body functioning and symptoms, rather than addressing the symptoms alone. Osteopathic physicians also place a large emphasis on the prevention of diseases. Of the approximately 800,000 practicing physicians in the U.S., roughly 50,000 are D.O.s.

Physicians with a D.O. are also licensed in all 50 states to practice medicine, and surgery and prescribe medications. The important thing to remember is both M.D. and D.O. schools have 4-year degrees and both have very similar curricula. Both are also required to complete accredited medical residencies. Patients should not see much of a difference between the two physicians in terms of medical care. They are both fully qualified doctors that may present a different approach when treating a patient. Chronicillness.co Site of United States is fully equipped with both kinds of physicians and enjoys seeing the comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches.

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