Did your chronic illness insist that you spend your vacation in bed?

Before fibromyalgia, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and other chronic illness took over my body, I would return home from a vacation feeling relaxed or energized.

At first, my illnesses would require a little more rest while away. Because I pushed through pain and fatigue in hopes of keeping up with my family, I always returned home feeling like death.  It was not unusual for my body to need days, weeks, and a few times months to recover from a week away from home.

Through the years I have not only made changes to how I address and relieve my chronic pain, but I have made changes to how I vacation too!

Here are a few tips to help you better enjoy your summer vacation!

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Prepare for pain!

So, make sure that you bring along everything you use for comfort and relief.

It is better to bring it with you than to be left to suffer until you get home.

I bring along all of my herbal tinctures, salves, and lotions.

Taking a trip without my pemf device was a huge mistake! One that I will NEVER make that mistake again.

I also bring along my favorite blanket and any support pillows my body prefers.

Adjust your expectations

The harder I tried to vacation like I used to, the more disastrous the results were.

Seriously, I would be in tears on vacation and after I returned home all because I refused to accept that my body and life were different.

Don’t expect your body to do what it used to.

Do plan activities or excursions that you know your body will tolerate.

Don’t plan more than you can handle while at home.

Do plan on being more tired than normal.  Travel takes quite a toll on the chronic body and we need to respect that.

Prepare for the worst!

Do a little research.  Locate pharmacies, hospitals, and urgent care facilities that are in close proximity to your hotel. Then verify that they accept your health insurance.

Speaking of health insurance, check with your provider to see what your coverage is while in a different state or country.

Have your most important medical information handy in case of an emergency. Click here to download my free Emergency Wallet Card.  Perfect for when you are not able to inform emergency personnel of your health history or allergies. Always inform your traveling companions of their whereabouts so they can access them easily in case of an emergency.

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