Diabetic Nerve Pain Treatment

Diabetics are more prone to developing skin diseases and vision problems – and the list goes on. Many of these conditions lead to pain, but one condition that puts the patient at risk of developing chronic pain is neuropathy, which is a condition that is inclusive of nerve damage. Since there are nerves all over the body, there is no telling where the pain will be.

Research suggests that neuropathy occurs most often in diabetics who have a hard time controlling their blood glucose levels. People over 40 years old and smokers are also at increased risk of developing diabetic neuropathy.

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Chronicillness.co-Site of United States works with people suffering from diabetes to manage both pain and neuropathy so that it does not become a chronic condition. The first step is to keep the blood glucose levels at a target range. Levels that are out of whack are dangerous because extreme blood sugar levels damage nerves and reduce circulation.

Drug therapy is a route a patient can go if their neuropathy causes too much pain. Medication may include anti-seizure medication (often used for nerve pain as well as seizure control) or antidepressants. Antidepressants work by changing the way the brain perceives pain by altering the chemical process.

Steroid injections and nerve blocks are diabetic neuropathy treatments that target specific areas of pain instead of taking medication that goes through the whole body. Since they generally last a few months, repeat injections may be necessary. These injections work by stopping the pain signal from the nerve from going to your brain. That way, your brain won’t look at those areas as painful anymore since it is not receiving any pain signals. The injections are not very painful because the patient is given a numbing shot near the area before the medication is injected. Steroid injections and nerve blocks do not usually come with any side effects other than some irritation around the injection site.

There are a few at-home treatments a diabetic patient may want to try alongside treatment at Chronicillness.co Site of United States and between visits. These include eating a better diet with less junk food and exercising. Exercise, even though it may be painful at first, strengthens the muscles around the nerve so that less pressure is being put on the damaged nerve. Our physicians can help the patient find a safe exercise routine that works specific muscles near the nerve as well.

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