Condition Getting Worst if you have Both Vulvodynia and Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alex Robber

A disease known as vulvodynia is one of the most painful consequences sometimes in fibromyalgia females. Of course, fibromyalgia has a side effect, and your menstrual cycle can also cause a great deal of pain, but it’s completely different for the vulvodynia.

It’s a continual pain in your vulva (which is in your vagina), making it harder to do stuff like sex. However, why is fibromyalgia so interwoven? And what can we do to attempt to alleviate the problems of vulvodynia and fibromyalgia?

Understanding the Link Between Fibromyalgia and Vulvodynia

As stated above, vulvodynia, which makes the sex hard for you, is one of those illnesses. Throughout your vagina, you continually have itching, burning and other soreness. It is touch-sensitive, and you may find it hard even on certain days to move your legs. All in all, this disturbance makes it difficult for us to even work, let alone try to have a friend or clean up the environment and maintain it hygienic.

That said, there are a couple of possible theories that overlap the two so that it seems like a female could end up with both illnesses.

The primary reason is inflammation. As inflammation is so prevalent in fibromyalgia, it is not really a strange thing that your vulva gets inflamed. There are also theories about the nervous issues that both disorders cope with because both illnesses are hypersensitive, it is not surprising that you deal with one or the other.

You may eventually also experience muscle spasms in the worst instances of both vulvodynia and fibromyalgia. As you can see, the fact that females with fibromyalgia end up with vulvodynia even though the latter is far less prevalent than the former is so overcrowded, it is not really surprising or rare.

Understanding Treatments for Vulvodynia and Fibromyalgia

This is a big question, because it is sometimes hard for us to find medicines to alleviate both illnesses. Fortunately, there are some methods to function efficiently, so you want to ensure that your doctor tries all of these before placing you on several medicines simultaneously.

You can do some stuff yourself to assist decrease vulvodynia and fibromyalgia pain. Don’t use anything on your underwear or any other irritant.

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Avoid wearing perfumed soaps and underwear with cotton and menstrual napkins / tampons. Sit on a foam seat to decrease your vulva’s pressure. Take regular showers and practice mediation or yoga to assist the muscles relax, thereby decreasing spasms and tensions in your vaginal region.

Then your doctor can prescribe other treatments for you for your case of vulvodynia and fibromyalgia. These are one of the medicines and treatments most frequently prescribed or suggested that physicians tell you to consider when both illnesses are experiencing simultaneously.

One of the most popular kind of medical cream to assist the lidocaine region get tangled and loosened, but others are also out there. Nerve blocks that “cut” the nerves out of the area so that it isn’t as oversensitive–but this may also trigger a lack of enjoyment in intercourse.

Medicines and other medicines used to treat muscle spasms for seizure prevention. This helps relax your muscles and helps your body cope easier with the pain. Many Types of physical therapy and exercise, both of which can help your body to be more flexible and to strengthen your muscles, thus reducing the spasms and other problems that may be going on in and around your vulva.

In the worst case, your physician may suggest that you go to a gynecologist as it will provide you with additional options for reducing pressure from the end of your suffering due to vulvodynia. Operation is sometimes needed because the pain is so bad. Basically, it might be better to remove a part of the tissue when the tissue is damaged and the nerves are not going to right themselves. Consult with your doctor in order to get a solid diagnosis and to figure out what your treatment plan needs to look like.

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