Concerned about your Fibromyalgia Prognosis?

When most people get a fibromyalgia diagnosis, the first questions they have are about what to expect and about their long-term fibromyalgia prognosis.

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition affecting multiple systems of the body. Unfortunately, it is often misunderstood by friends, family, and doctors on the outside. That is just another reason we are so passionate about what I like to call “accurate awareness” 

When you are first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you may find it very difficult to be optimistic. You might not feel good about your own fibromyalgia prognosis (course of the disease) and you are not alone in that. If you have lived with symptoms for many years, it may be comforting on the one hand to have a diagnosis, but on the other hand, you still have to navigate through treatment options and what it means for you personally. 

Often Times It Is Multiple Conditions

Many of us live with the primary co-conditions to fibromyalgia and these conditions themselves more greatly affect the immune and endocrine systems of the fibro body. You can read more About Us here and how I continually work to create the best quality of life possible despite the complexity of it all. 

As research continues, and we address more of the “roots” so to speak, it’s more likely that those of us living with fibromyalgia and its primary co-conditions will remain mobile and active for many years despite the complexity.  This is really what I continually work to convey regarding the future and your fibromyalgia prognosis for living with all of this. 

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When Pain and Symptoms Become Debilitating:

If you are debilitated by the extreme pain and other symptoms associated with the condition, I am glad you are here. I am not glad you are suffering, however, and my goal continues to be giving you true hope for the future, a positive fibromyalgia prognosis but never false cures or quick fixes. 

I get it, I know it can be tough. It might well be the toughest thing you will endure during your physical lifetime. Personally, living with symptoms since the age of 9, now 49, I believe in everything we ascribe to in this website to help us all live the best quality of life possible without false cures.

The best results are seen when patients follow the protocols that we have set forth herein the website and use the website as a study of sorts.

For instance, fibromyalgia patients like you and I need to create a lifestyle that includes a multi-faceted approach to treating the various symptoms. Do you have the following?

  • A primary care physician who can help to manage any other conditions, diagnosis of symptoms, and other tasks related to general care. Although we do not advocate medications for fibromyalgia, we understand that everyone is in a different place, and we want to support you in working with your doctor, taking only the lowest effective dose of any medication, and working to use alternatives where feasible.
  • A dietitian/ nutritionist/ practitioner like myself. This is important to support the immune system and ensure that the body has the nutrients needed to function properly. You can also follow our suggestions in the website. Being a colon therapist for many years, and working intimately with the digestive system, I believe in the nutritional principles I ascribe to and use them with myself and others I work with.
  • A physical therapist or trainer like myself who can assist you in creating a safe and effective exercise program. Please don’t be discouraged if your previous physical therapist has not helped you, this is exactly why I do this and work more specifically with fibromyalgia and co-conditions. I get it. If you do not have access to a trainer specializing in fibro or cannot afford it, simply follow on the fitness page linked right below here. 
  • A therapist or other mental health professional who specializes in the mood swings, depression, and other emotional issues that surface when living with pain and symptoms. You might also gain benefit from a qualified hypnotist, Reiki therapist, or from biofeedback. The idea here is to get to the point where you can better manage emotions that come with living with a chronic condition. You might work with a hypnotist who can design a relaxation CD just for you!!

This would also include your faith, prayer, and meditation time. Knowing you are not alone and relying on a higher power. Continue to believe in your greater magnificence, because you did not ask for this, and this is not who you are. Personally, I like to ask God to meet me halfway so to speak. I do my part in the natural, asking Him for His part in the super-natural. Keep working on it. 

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Fibromyalgia Prognosis with Pain Control

Because this condition involves a significant amount of pain, many fibromyalgia patients rely on prescription medications. This puts sufferers at heightened risk of addiction. Not only might a person become addicted to prescription painkillers, but they may depend on sleeping pills and over-the-counter pain medications to an unhealthy degree. Some may also self-medicate with food.

The best way to avoid addiction is to develop a long list of healthy pain control methods. This list may include many of the things we ascribe to throughout the website. Things like meditation, bodywork therapies that fit your individual situation, professional massage, heating pads or blankets, hot salt baths, visualization, bio-feedback, and routine exercise that is both safe and effective for fibromyalgia

It’s also critical that fibromyalgia patients are aware of the heightened addiction risk when taking prescription medication. Remember what we often say about taking only the “lowest effective dose” of any medication. Be sure your doctor understands this and knows that you are not there to get drugs. Let them know that your ultimate goal is to be free of pain medication.

Remember to utilize noninvasive alternatives whenever possible. Read more here about some of the natural therapies we use and ascribe to here.

Fibromyalgia Prognosis for Diagnosis & Treatment

One of the biggest problems for fibromyalgia sufferers is diagnosis. There are now some tests and scans that can help doctors determine if the diagnosis is applicable, but it still takes many patients at least a few years to get the official diagnosis. It can take at least another year or two to fully understand all symptoms and develop a customized treatment plan that is effective.

All of these time delays can intensify the pain and discomfort for the patient, leading to significant impairment that interferes with quality of life. While this isn’t a life-threatening disease, it is a condition that can significantly alter the lifestyle of sufferers. Many active, healthy people find themselves struggling to get out of bed as the pain intensifies. 

Can We Improve Our Fibromyalgia Prognosis?

So, I really do believe that a prognosis depends on how we are living with and managing our pain and symptoms on a regular basis. On regular basis, I mean using less invasive means most of the time but also knowing that this is NOT all or nothing. For instance, if you have to depend on a sleep aid for a period of time, but you are also implementing the many tools we suggest on the website, then that is being proactive, which is going to create a better outcome. 

If you are using medication but working with your doctor to use ONLY the lowest effective dose, that is also being proactive. And, if you are taking responsibility and willing to consider and use as many of the well-verified tools and therapies we suggest here on the site, that WILL create a better outcome, and you will be less vulnerable to any other condition that might be lurking around the corner at the same time.

IF you are willing to keep digging for those “roots” and believe in your best potential, despite the complexity of it all, I believe the course of your disease can be a more positive one. 

Fibromyalgia is complex, and if you follow here, you know I get it. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t get it, live with it, treat it, and believe in everything we ascribe to here to create a better quality of life. We do not believe in or condone false cures or quick fixes. 

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