Is Your Bra Causing You More Fibromyalgia Pain?
Is Your Bra Causing You More Fibromyalgia Pain?

Check these Favorite Materials for Fibromyalgia and Lyme Relief

Check these are some of my current favorites for managing and healing from fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme.

1st is Coffee Enemas

Last year I wrote a whole article about the beauty of coffee enemas, so I’m not going to go into all the details here, but coffee enemas have been an absolute game changer for me. These are helpful to alleviate pain and inflammation, improve strength and increase my concentrating capacity.

Although I know that coffee enemas aren’t for everyone, they can be of assistance to those who are open to pursuing alternative therapies.

2nd is Concen-Trace Mineral Drops

In my best post in 2016, I included both oral magnesium and topical magnesium. I still use these almost every day because there are so many benefits to magnesium. Last year, my new Lyme doctor suggested adding Concen-Trace Mineral Drops to my treatment because I suspect that due to lack of appetite and overuse of cholestyramine as a binder, I owe myself a nutritional deficit.

Magnesium is Concen-Trace’s main ingredient, but it also contains over 70 other trace minerals. It is difficult to obtain these important minerals from food alone because of industrialized farming, so using a liquid supplement such as Concen-Trace is an easy way to improve overall nutrition.

I wish I applied Concen-Trace Mineral Drops to my regimen earlier because there are so many benefits to this stuff! Throughout my body, I’ve noticed fewer soreness/achiness, fewer leg / foot pain, fewer dizziness and lightheadedness when standing, fewer foot cramps, and my hair no longer falls in clumps!

3rd is Otoba Bark and Cat’s Claw

I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and several co-infections soon after publishing my 2016 thesis post. My physicians at the time suggested my fibromyalgia problems are likely caused by these diseases, so that health will change as they are managed I have taken several medicines and vitamins over the years, but there are two that have made a big difference to my symptoms: otoba bark and cat’s paw (aka banderol and samento from the Lyme disease regimen for Cowden).

Those tintings do a good job of killing and removing my body’s pathogens. I have had far less chronic pain and less overactive bladder problems since they started at the end of 2017. I know it’s the otoba bark and cat’s claw that helps with these symptoms because I stopped using them a few times and my symptoms are raging back to life.

My fibro readers are probably thinking, “Well, that’s great, but I don’t have Lyme, so how can you help me with otoba bark and cat’s claw? “I’d first say that many of my fellow fibro fighters actually DO have undiagnosed and don’t know chronic Lyme. The test is sucking! It only detects about half of Lyme infections, so you may still have it if you’ve tested negative in the past!

A malfunctioning immune system can lead more and more scientists to theorize fibromyalgia. Lyme and other co-infections are known to suppress the immune system, so if you think that undiagnosed infections might be a piece of the puzzle for you, it might be worth your time researching otoba bark and cat’s claw and seeing if they might be beneficial to your condition.

4th is Whole Foods Diet

What I eat makes a tremendous difference to my physical and mental emotions. I’m not adopting any particular diet, but I’d say it’s similar to the paleo diet if I was asked. I avoid gluten, dairy, corn, genetically modified wheat, processed sugar, most processed foods, fast foods, coffee, artificial sweeteners, and food additives such as MSG.

You’re probably wondering if you adopt a standard American diet, “What the hell do you eat?” My diet consists mainly of whole foods: meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables. I still enjoy certain starchy foods such as white potatoes and rice, which would be a major no – no for a strict paleo.

I’m probably eating 90 percent of the time clean. I still give myself a cheat meal here and there –usually when I eat out in a restaurant–but that medication comes with intensified digestive problems, nausea, exhaustion, and brain fog for a few days (although I’ve found that after years of eating this way, I don’t respond as intensely to off-plan foods as I once did). It’s not that I feel so much better eating clean; it’s because I feel bad when I don’t eat that way!

5th is Medical Cannabis

This time I saved medical cannabis because I know that not everyone has access to it. I put cannabis CBD oil on my favorite list for 2016. For those living in states where medical cannabis is not legal, Hemp CBD is an option.

I was licensed for my state’s medical cannabis program in the fall of 2016. I’m probably a bit different from most medical marijuana users because I use it mostly to relieve pain in sleep and bedtime. I first experimented with using CBD-rich extracts for daytime pain relief, but I could never find a drug that would relieve pain without making me feel loopy.

By bedtime, I use two varieties of Cannabis. Next, to make me relax, I vape weed so I can fall asleep. MK Ultra is my favorite type. The vaping wears off in about an hour, so I’m either taking Rick Simpson Oil or orally cooking hash to help me stay asleep. I heard of cannabis users often saying it took away their suffering completely. That wasn’t my reality, but I don’t interpret it as much as it muffles the hurt. The real benefit for me was how my sleep was deepened and extended. I woke up every hour or two after I began consuming cannabis and then tried to go back to sleep. Now I wake up an average night. Every day I’m going to take that improvement

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