Check these Essential Oils for Treating Common Thyroid Problems

Check these Essential Oils for Treating Common Thyroid Problems

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Thyroid Essential Oils

Recent studies shows that essential oils can improve thyroid disorders.

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland producing and releasing hormones. Your thyroid helps to regulate your body’s metabolism, emotions, brain function, and nearly all other processes. The American Thyroid Association estimates that more than 20 million Americans are suffering some type of thyroid disease.

There is little medical research suggesting a direct correlation between the use of essential oils and the health of the thyroid. Yet anecdotal evidence remains, and studies suggest that essential oils can help treat the symptoms of certain disorders of thyroid. Keep reading to find out what we know about a few can thyroid disorders using essential oils.

Understanding Essential Oils for Overactive Thyroid

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which too much thyroid hormone is produced by your body. Typical symptoms include weight loss, anxiety, irregularities of heartbeat, and weakness of muscle. It may look or feel inflamed by the thyroid gland itself.

Essential oils cannot stop the body from producing too much thyroid hormone, but some oils can help improve hyperthyroidism symptoms.

Understanding Essential Oils for Thyroid Nodules

However in the thyroid gland, thyroid nodules are lumping that form. Because these lumps can be either solid or liquid-filled. So thyroid nodules are cancerous at rare occasions. Therefore we could pinch the esophagus, making it hard to breathe. Because they may also cause extra thyroxine to be produced by your thyroid, a hormone that regulates your thyroid. Sometimes thyroid nodules have no symptoms, or they may have many of the same hyperthyroidism symptoms.

Understanding Essential Oils for Underactive Thyroid

Therefore hypothyroidism is a disorder with inadequate thyroid hormones released by your body. Because an underactive thyroid gland can result in symptoms such as joint pain, difficulty getting pregnant, and weight gain. So symptoms of an underactive thyroid are easily missed in many cases. Because some people have no apparent symptoms at all.

However essential oils cannot substitute the thyroid hormone, but they can assist with some hypothyroidism symptoms.

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Understanding Alternative Treatments

However there are plenty of conventional thyroid-related treatment methods. Because in many cases, essential oils may be used in combination with pharmaceutical drugs but discussing this with your physician is vital.

Because beta-blockers, antithyroid drugs, and radioactive iodine therapies also treat hyperthyroidism. So a thyroid-removal surgery is required in some cases.

Therefore hypothyroidism is often treated with thyroid hormones that are synthetic. Because such drugs take the place of the thyroid hormone not produced by your body. However an example of this type of drug is levothyroxine (Levothroid, Synthroid).

Understanding Precautions

However treating severe thyroid imbalances with essential oils. So although there is some evidence to support the use of essential oils for thyroid conditions, replacing a prescribed thyroid treatment with essential oils may result in side effects such as weight gain, sluggishness, and damage to organ. Because if you suspect you have a condition of thyroid, you should talk to your doctor before trying to use essential oils.

So the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate essential oils, meaning that their active ingredients can vary wildly. However just buy from distributors essential oils that you trust.


However it is possible to use essential oils to relieve the symptoms of thyroid conditions. So yet insufficient work is available to show a direct correlation between essential oils and thyroid disorders therapy. Because when you think you are suffering from a thyroid condition, you must talk to a doctor before you try some home remedy.

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