Cannabis Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Would You Try This?

The company cites the unique properties of the gum for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief, allowing equal parts CBD and THC to be digested directly in the mouth. According to Dr. George E. Anastassoy, MD, DDS, MBA, chief executive officer of AXIM Biotechnology, by bypassing the liver, MedChewRx gives: The gum for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief contains 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC, both of which deliver potent therapeutic capabilities.

Professor John Zajicek notes that by chewing, rather than breathing or ingesting, some side effects are reported, and the medicine displays a lack of the “peak” associated with more traditional cannabis medicine. Professor Zajicek runs the trials for AXIM testing the Fibromyalgia Pain Relief gum for spasticity of MS. He also states that chewing gum is more socially acceptable than smoking or ingestion.

Benefits of chewing by itself: According to the company, the act of chewing delivers benefits of its own, compounded by cannabinoids. Chewing itself provides “neuroprotective and neurostimulator benefits” on the mind. Chewing relieves stress, stimulates the cardiovascular system, and helps with loss of cognition due to aging.

The benefits they ascribe to the act of chewing are all benefits of cannabis itself on a greater scale. But by attributing them to mastication, they gain more validity. Why? Because everyday people who don’t understand cannabis simply can’t wrap their heads around the fact that it is a unique medicine with many benefits.

 A reality checkApparently, AXIM owns the patent on chewing gum for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief as a delivery method for cannabinoids and already have one CBD-only product, Can chew gum, marketed as a dietary supplement and sold everywhere CBD products can sit on shelves. AXIM also started trials for a patent-pending CBG topical for eczema and psoriasis.

In addition, there are even oral care and cosmetics in their arsenal. Medical Marijuana, Inc. owns about 46% of AXIM and plans on many more cannabis-related products. They are the Swiss Army knife of cannabis companies, with their hands in everything from international markets to security services. If only it were so simple for the little guys.

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