Can I Make a Tattoo in Body Living with Fibromyalgia?

By: Dr Alex Robber

Question: I really would like a tattoo, but I am worried because I’ve fibromyalgia it would be a really bad idea. It frightens me how painful it could be. Never before have I had one. Is this really a dumb concept or could I have the tattoo, despite my situation, I really want? Is it long going to make me worse?

Answer: Before I just go and have an ink, it’s clever to think about it.

The first thing you should understand is that, yes, tattoos will be more painful with fibromyalgia. Our bodies react not to the signals of pain like others; our brains and nerves exaggerate and amplify the signals in order to feel pain. This is called hyperalgesia and is one of the main characteristics of this disease.

However, the issue of aggravation lies beyond the pain. Some claim that a tattoo machine’s vibration and noise can really set your nerves on the edge, coupled with the pain. You must be conscious that tattooing can also cause these symptoms, if you have anxiety attacks and sensory overload issues due to your fibromyalgia.

Then again there are plenty of individuals who are tattooed with fibromyalgia. Some even claim it soothes you and distracts you from the pains. Indeed, a Google search shows many tattoos on the subject of fibromyalgia.

So, it’s really a very single thing.

You can discover accounts that it takes more time for our skin to cure.

It could be a good idea to discuss your issues with a reputable tattoo artist. Talk to him or her about the positioning, because there’s a lot to do about how much you get the job done.

Ask about the place of your body, too. You must remain silent for a lengthy moment, and it will be a lot difficult if this is a painful situation for you.

Bear in mind that a tiny, straightforward design is much simpler for you than a big, complicated design. Please ask whether you require a medical note for your condition. Certain people do.

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When you are looking for performers, attempt to ask which artists are particularly light or heavy. Some performers are painful more than others! Also, you want to discover a patient and empathic person, as additional breaks may be necessary.

Take the timing as well. The average individual can get a tattoo and work well the next day, but we aren’t an average person! If you need some retrieval time, you might want to make sure you get a few days later.

You may need to plan shorter sessions than other individuals if you decide on it and make sure you have plenty of pain medication. In case you have a flare and cannot take a session, ask your artist about the cancelation policy.

Be sure that you’re also traveling home if you have symptoms or need pain medications and you don’t need to drive safely.

For anyone receiving a tattoo, tattoo-artists suggest certain stuff, like:

  • Stay hydrated, before and after
  • do not consumes alcohol two days before going in (it can diminish your blood)
  • do not go in sick
  • eat a snack before you go in
  • do not use aspirin or a lot of caffeine before going in (it can dilute your blood)
  • communicate how you feel during the process and before it becomes an issue
  • plan to get additional rest afterwards.

Make sure you follow the directions the artist gives you to prepare and recover and receive timely therapy for issues such as infection, which can arise later.

You better understand your symptoms, so you are the only one who can decide if the possible effect of a tattoo is worth it.

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