Can fibromyalgia get better by spending a day at SPA?

Going to a spa helps people with fibromyalgia to find a lot of relief. There are a lot of services that have the potential to help reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia, so similarly spa could also be much more than a relaxing place. If you do for regular visits, even those visits can help you in easing your symptoms. There are different benefits of massages, facials and saunas that should be tried out if you are suffering from fibromyalgia. Following are some few services that prove to help fibromyalgia patients.

Massage therapy

You should have a good communication with your therapist because each person with fibromyalgia has a different level of pain. so, you need to have some communication in order to tell the therapist how much pain do you have and how much pressure can you tolerate. Some people can only tolerate light massage, while other people can tolerate much more pressure and rub.

Moreover, some people may find it useful to have hot stimuli, while others to cold. The blood flow and flexibility in the muscles increases by the massage that is otherwise slowed down in people with fibromyalgia. Moreover, individuals also find it effective to have aromatherapy along with the massage, as it helps in relaxing inside and out. Listening to music during the massage can also help in relaxing inside and out. Talk to your professional about your symptoms before taking a massage, so that he can help you in a better way to relieve most of your symptoms.


Some fibromyalgia sufferers find it helpful to have hydrotherapy, but they have to make sure that they stay hydrated throughout the duration of the session. Moreover, some services like steam rooms and saunas can also be effective, as muscles get relaxed and immunity increases by it. Painful symptoms get helped out by natural substances like water, depending upon the severity of pain.


Facials can also help in giving benefits to the clients. People who take medications might see the differences in their skin, so those negative side effects from the medication can be treated by a facial treatment. Moreover, having a gentle massage may give you some relief, as the muscles in the face might have some kind of pain. So usually, facials are considered to be a source of transformation and it feels good to have them. Having a little confidence boost doesn’t hurt anyone.

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