Avoiding Pain While Doing Laundry and Making the Bed

Coping with chronic pain can be difficult. You have to alter practically all facets of your life to cater to your treatment needs. The spring season is quickly approaching, pushing a lot of us to clean out hoarded closets and re-organize messy rooms, while simultaneously making sure our pain is managed.

At Chronicillness.co Site of United States, our providers know the burden that household chores can put on people living with chronic pain. Whether you have neuropathy, fibromyalgia, or back pain, spring cleaning can be a pain. We encourage people to seek medical advice from professionals at any of Chronicillness.co Site locations and get back into life, today!

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Laundry and housecleaning are inevitable parts of human life. People who have pain from strenuous movement and heavy lifting should follow the following tips while cleaning laundry:

  • Avoid heavy lifting. Separate your clothes into different piles to prevent strenuous pressure on your back. When bending, use your knees and your feet; not your back!
  • Avoid twisting. Some household laundry rooms have cabinets above their washers and dryers. Use a step stool when reaching for the detergent or fabric softener. If you are required to reach for something low, kneel down slowly.
  • Stand to sort, fold, and iron clothes.
  • Don’t overindulge. Do one major cleaning task each day.

You will likely have to transfer your laundry from the dryer into the bedroom. Chances are, some of that laundry will include bed sheets, which poses another hurdle for pain sufferers. Take a look over these tips for making the bed using proper pain management techniques:

  • Wear loose clothing, giving your arms room to stretch.
  • Make one side of the bed at a time.
  • Do the farthest corner first.
  • Do not lean across the bed to tuck in the corners. Instead, rest on your knees on the bed in the area where you need to tuck the sheets.
  • When tucking in the sheeting, keep your back straight. Avoid twisting and turning.

Spring cleaning requires a lot of work. Don’t be afraid to ask a loved one or friend for help during your chores. For more information on cleaning tips to avoid pain, contact a Pain Care physician, today! Keep an eye out for more tips to avoid pain while spring cleaning.

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