Are eggs a healthy food or possibly a “suspect” food?

Are eggs a healthy food or possibly a “suspect” food?

If you “suspect” that eggs might be a problem for you, then read on, and know that you are not alone. Eggs can be great for one person, but not so good for the next.
When I went for my very first food allergy test as a teenager, one of the foods that came up as positive for allergy was the egg white. Every time since then, when I have had a food allergy test, egg whites have come up as a suspect food. 

Working as a colon therapist for many years, I have worked intimately with many digestive conditions, and it is very important to know that not all so called “healthy” foods are right for every body or body type. 

As you read more, I will show you how I “salvage” my eggs, and some considerations about nutrients, synergy, and more. And, let’s get this first point out of the way. When you shop for eggs, always choose organic and cage free when possible. 

The egg white versus the egg yolk 

I say it often. “Don’t dissect your yolks, folks” 

The egg white is a fairly inexpensive form of protein, but is it really the best? 

In our society today, too many people dissect their foods, in order to reduce calories or fat, but when we dissect food, we miss out on the way nature created the food to satisfy our nutrient and mineral needs. Now, although I say “don’t dissect”, I must say that mostly means avoid eating just the egg whites without the egg yolk. The egg white is generally the part of the egg that people will have an allergy to. The egg yolks are rich in minerals and vitamins.

The egg white can be more acid forming, and that is another reason I don’t believe they should be eaten in excess. Remember that when we wake up in the morning, our bodies are in a more acidic state naturally. Let’s say that a person drinks coffee, eats eggs, toast, and maybe some fruit on the side. Those are all highly acidic foods, especially in that combination. This is not about all or nothing, we just want to create more of a balance. 

Health conditions that might not react favorably to eggs

If you find that eggs are not your friend, it could be a health condition related to fibromyalgia, or another condition all together. If you have the co-condition to fibromyalgia like many of us have with CFS/ME, and you have had a virus like the Epstein Barr virus, then you may find that eating eggs activates symptoms for you. 

Eating excessive amounts of egg whites can contribute to constipation. Be aware of how many eggs, especially egg whites that you are consuming in a week, and you may determine if your symptoms of constipation correlate to eating eggs. If you develop stomach pains or burning in your stomach after eating eggs, it could also be related to gallbladder disease, with or without a gallbladder

Many people avoid night shades like potatoes, but not all night shades are created equal.  The truth is that many people who react to foods like eggs, can have organic red potatoes and thrive on them. I say this because one alternative to egg salad that I make includes organic red potato and it works great. (NOTE: when buying potatoes of any kind, always buy organic as conventional potatoes are too heavily sprayed with pesticides)

Soft cooked versus hard boiled eggs

The more the egg is cooked, as in hard boiled, the more difficult it can be to digest.  Soft cooked eggs are generally easier to digest. However, if you are eating hard boiled eggs, eating more of the yolk, and less of the white is a great idea. That is one way that I salvage my eggs.

You see, I know that the egg white is not so good for me, but I really love the convenience of hard boiled eggs. I simply eat mostly the yolk inside and very little of the white. I have them around for my husband, who tolerates and loves the entire egg. 

Yes, I know it is tough, because who doesn’t love a good boiled egg rolling around in some sea salt and course ground pepper? 

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Baking with eggs/ and egg replacers 

If you are staying away from the egg whites, then you may find that you need to avoid many of the commercially baked goods out there. They generally contain a lot of egg whites. If you would like to try your hand at baking egg free, there are a few good egg replacers out there. Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer is good and easy to use. It is also gluten free. Only a small amount is needed. This one below contains (2) bags. 

When using egg replacers, experiment with how you add them in. Sometimes you can simply add them into the dry mix, other times you will need to put them in water first, and then add in with wet ingredients before adding dry ingredients. 

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