Does any Fibromyalgia Sufferer have advice for someone who was recently Diagnosed with illness?

First of all, you haven’t changed. You’re the same person with the same condition, except now you have a label.

I found that label very liberating because it showed me that I had a real disability and that I wasn’t “just making it up” or “being lazy” or such. Plus, now you can say “I have fibromyalgia” instead of “well I’m kinda really tired and, like, achy all over”, which sounds more convincing.

Other stuff, in no particular order:

  • One of the most important ways to manage fibromyalgia is to pace yourself as much as possible. Don’t make yourself do all the things you think you “ought” to do.
  • Accept your limitations. Grieve for your health if you need to. It’s OK to have a sense of loss.
  • Accept help from people. Don’t let pride make you face this alone.
  • Focus on your priorities. Get the most important stuff done before you think about doing anything else.
  • Find an understanding doctor who can help you with pain relief and anything else.
  • Consider medicinal cannabis or CBD oil if it is available where you live. This often works well for fibromyalgia sufferers in particular.
  • If your mobility is affected, dont discount the idea of using mobility aids, a scooter or a wheelchair. I use an electric wheelchair and it is incredibly liberating. Mine is an ?th hand one that I bought on eBay, which made it much more affordable.
  • Finally, always count your blessings. Having fibromyalgia can feel outright depressing at times, especially when the pain hits hard.

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Powerful Advice:

  1. Keep doing as much as you can for as long as you can. Keep moving, keep exercising. Keep working if you can. JUST KEEP LIVING. It is easy for people with Fibromyalgia to slowly isolate themselves from the rest of the world. I know this because I did. I had to quit my job or I would have been fired. I was able to get disability so I could stay home. I quit driving because the medications make me spacey and my reaction time is too slow. So now I spend most of my time inside, alone and with no way to go anywhere.
  • Find a GOOD doctor that BELIEVES YOU. This can be easier said than done. If your doctor doesn´t take you seriously than find a different one. Just don´t go in to see a doctor and say ¨I need pain medicine!¨ or they will quickly write you off as a drug seeker. Instead tell them you are in pain and need them to help you. Let them tell you the options available and talk to you about what you should try first.
  • Communicate with your boss and make sure they understand what you are dealing with. You don´t have to tell everyone your business but your boss needs to understand. You may need to find a different job. I was a CNA and when I was expected to help transfer a very heavy patient when I was in pain I had to say no. I had to quit because I couldn´t do my job.
  • Keep positive. Start looking for uplifting books or quotes that you like to help when you are down. You can print things out and put them around your house, like on the frig or your mirror etc. Make yourself a notebook or binder to keep positive quotes or memes. I also have books that I use, like Help Yourself by Dave Pelzer. I have underlined sentences and marked them with sticky tags etc. That way I can go right to something quickly that I can read to help me pull myself up out of my sinking sand.
  • Keep your mind busy when you are in pain. Find something you can do when you are hurting that isn´t too hard but something you can focus on. You can shift your attention to that instead of the pain. I do easy Sudoku puzzles or crochet washcloths. My washcloths may look terrible but the point is to keep focused on doing it. I usually unravel them anyway and keep using the same ball of yarn. You could throw darts (as long as you don´t kill anyone), color in an adult coloring book or draw. Sometimes I like to turn up some loud music and rock out if I am alone. Make a playlist of music you like but avoid depressing stuff. Some people find journalling or blogging helpful but it is easy for that to become depressing if you just write about feeling bad. It is best to find something else to be the focus of what you write.

There are some things to try when you are in pain that is not addictive. Soak in a bath with Epsom salts. I read a book if I can focus while soaking. Get some lidocaine patches. They are available over the counter at 4% but you can only use one at a time. I use them where I am hurting the most or I cut it into two. There is also Tiger Balm ointment and patches. The Tiger Balm patches help almost as well as the lidocaine patches depending on the pain and you can use more than one. Some people find relief from Arnica cream but it did nothing.

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