According to for New Brain Synapses the Neurontin and Lyrica are Death Sentence

Researches for Neurontin and Lyrica  

A research is being undertaken on Neurontin and Lyrica. And it was a stunning outcome. It has shown that these medications prevent the formation of new synapses of the brain. And it also reduces the strength to restore flexibility in the brain. In summary, brain loss will be caused by these medications. This case study was published in 2009. But this information was not clearly brought to the public, unfortunately. In fact, because in this situation the press may not want to jeopardize their profits.

However not only are the patients who have not received this information. So in fact, like the doctors, this case is not clueless. That’s because my Facebook group is growing so fast for these two drugs “Neurontin (Gabapentin) & Lyrica (Pregabalin) Should Be Illegal.” In addition, while working in the backyard, my brother was pulled his muscle. But I was shocked to learn that Neurontin was recommended by the surgeon!

So, I shared with my brother the details about this drug. He eventually decided to leave this drug. I’ve already included the following full article on this. I’m sharing with you the link to the article that can support you a lot.

Study Presented by Dr. Una Mc Cann’s

Here the question arises why not outlaw these medications? The diet pills have also been shown to affect the brain. Because of the brain damage, Fen-Phen and Redux were banned. In contrast, the media still influenced the banning of these medications due to heart and lung damage.

The FDA was concerned about the disease of the brain. And it highlighted the producer’s studies to prove its safety. And it wasn’t found before the NIH study by Dr. Una Mc Cann. In her study, she found the most terrible damage to the brain. These drugs were undoubtedly banned after this.

Neurontin and Lyrica are a death sentence for Neurontin’s New Brain Synapses, and their strong variant, Lyrica, is clearly found to be a public danger. Such medications have been approved for use, sadly. Despite the fact that the FDA didn’t really know what they were doing in the brain. A shocking news, however, described blocking the development of new brain synapses1. So they reduce the potential to recover brain plasticity in particular. Therefore absolutely speedier than any other matter, these drugs will cause brain damage.

But the problem is the opening of the medicine’s illegal marketing. Neurontin was previously declared by the FDA in 1994 to treat epilepsy. The drug has been widely sold illegally. And for this, Warner-Lambert has been fined $430 million.

Now, these two medicines are owned by Pfizer. The FDA approves these drugs for various types of pain and fibromyalgia. Because lyrica is one of four of Pfizer’s illegal drugs. So that leads to a $2.3 billion deal against Pfizer.

Notwithstanding that, the firms have been fined for unlawfully distributing drugs. However, they continued to use these medicines in officially. Because doctors still advise them on nerve problems as they effectively reduce symptoms. So in the long run, however, this is not helpful as they particularly damage nerve health.

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Study About Modern Science

In short, it’s summarized by researchers saying, “adult neurons don’t make many new synapses,” but that’s not true at all. Modern science, however, suggests that brain health depends on new synapses being formed. The use of these medications in pregnant women was still questioned by these researchers. How should a fetus create new nerve cells when the mother takes a drug that blocks them?

So these situations should be taken seriously by the FDA. Typically, the FDA thinks it is a serious warning to declare Lyrica. However, its off-label uses include bi-polar disorder and headaches of migraine. So in the future, FDA seems to have nothing to do with issues of brain damage. Therefore, all consumers have to aware.

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