5 Stories of Women Who Were Not Taken Seriously by Their Doctors

We lately questioned members of the Community whether, as females, they ever felt that physicians or medical practitioners did not take their pain seriously. Some of their tales are here:

1st is Breathing Problem Women

I began to have a very difficult time breathing when I was 17. It was asthma, my primary physician informed me. It got worse gradually, and my inhaler really didn’t help. I woke up one night, mainly because I didn’t feel like I could breathe. My father hurried me to the hospital and after having given me an EpiPen in order to cause an allergic reaction, the doctor went to inform my father that I was likely to get out of college.

The physicians told me I had overreacted several times. Finally, after two months, I came to a specialist who found out that my voice box was severely infected, which prevents airflow into my lungs.

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2nd is the Woman with Shingles

I had shingles at university and waited for a time for a hospital since my student health center had misdiagnosed me. Finally, I showed my friend the places, who said that they looked like shingles and brought me to the emergency room. I went in there and told the male nurse that I was thinking I had shingles and he laughed at him. The Internet? Internet? When I lifted my shirt he said, “Oh my god, you have the shingles! You would be in great distress if you had shingles!” That’s not painful? “Yes… it’s very sorrowful. I’m here because of that.

3rd is the Woman with Leg Pain

I have chronic leg pain that sometimes limits my walking capacity if I have serious flares. I once came to the physician for assistance during an especially poor flaring, and she offered to assist me seriously in the psychological center.

4th is the Woman with Endometriosis

FIVE physicians were needed before I had endometriosis lastly diagnosed. The first doctor informed me that the pain was normal during the period although I said that it was not only during the month. The second doctor likely told me it was gastrointestinal problems and I should come to an expert. After birth control, the third physician-prescribed birth control, which did not help. Perhaps it was endometriosis, perhaps it was cysts. The fourth physician did not think that it could be certain. I was planning for an ultrasound for the fifth and final doctor. She prescribed a birth control that helped but she arranged a laparoscopy operation when pain deteriorated and found that I had actually got endometriosis.

5th is the Woman with Severe Knee Pain

My legs were unbelievably hyper-mobile, I required knee surgery. They would always change and dislocate as they walk. Sometimes it was so unbelievably painful that I could not walk legally. I met a surgeon who acted as if I was a weak girl just because I wasn’t wounded in sports or physical activity. He just wanted to tell my mum that perhaps he would get a brace or work harder for her (that I did and did not assist) and that I could behave as if I did not exist or I was not even in the chamber.

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