3 Months to Recovery for Fibromyalgia Patients

Another fibromyalgia patient just recently has reached that level of recovery that most of you only dream of. I’m talking about no pain and being able to plan to begin living and enjoying life. This young lady is 30 years old and was literally nonfunctional when her parents brought her into our clinic. With doubts and apprehension, she decided to give one more program a chance, and three months later she is a hiking, fishing, and planning on her “new” life.

Three months you say? Impossible! Well, although all of our patients are not as successful, it has been more common than not for patients to reach pain-free levels in three months’ time. The fibromyalgia protocol is that successful. It takes determination and a strong will to follow exactly what we outline for your program. That often is the difference between success and failure. You cut corners and you will fail. Our protocol is not painful or filled with mental gymnastics. The program requires you to get out of your comfort zone of life and diet and follow what really is a simple step-by-step program. The best part is you have me to help guide you so you do not fail.

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Try our protocol or check the website for patient videos on their success.

Recently I completed a number of “video blogs” better known as “vlogs” that explain a number of steps in our protocol that might require a video in order for you to understand more clearly about fibromyalgia and our program. When completed they will be available on Youtube. We also plan on a regular series of video presentations that will include information and also a question and answer session for you and the general public. We will notify you as to when this will begin.

Due to the number of fibromyalgia patients in so many different states requesting assistance in starting our fibromyalgia protocol, we will be visiting a number of states training doctors in our program in order that you have direct contact with a trained fibromyalgia physician in your area.

We will notify you as to the dates and locations of training seminars for your doctors.

Wishing you all a very healthy weekend.

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