25 “Fibro Fog” Unforeseen side effects

By: Dr Alexa James

Is there a fiber fog? It feels that you’re dazzled by the simplest things, you can’t remember. You have a loss of memory and can’t speak the words you want to say. You find it difficult to concentrate, you can forget little information and even plan. You may feel confused, just as you can’t understand what is being said to you. The concentration and even a lack of vigilance and energies have decreased. It can be deceptive and depressing. This is one of the major challenges that we face every day. It can range from mild questions, such as forgetting the word hairbrush, to serious problems, such as the sense of confusion about why you are in the room first.

Fibro fog. Current cognitive problems with fibromyalgia. Fibro-fog, what is that?

You feel that you can’t remember the simplest things. You can’t remember. You have a loss of memory and may not speak the words. You find it difficult to concentrate, you can forget little details and even plans. You may be confused, just like you can’t understand what you’re told. Concentrations have decreased and even energy has been lacking.

It can be frustrating and depriving, even. This is one of the most important problems that we face every day. It can range from mild issues, such as the forgetfulness of the word hairbrush, to the seriousness of the confusion of why you’re in the room. I will speak, have a word on my tongue, I’ll have a simple word, like hairbrush, and can’t say that word in my life! I’ll be talking! Rather, I walked through my room and dressed for the day to finish looking through a book of photos and then proceed out of the room. I watched a picture book and then a book of photos. That’d disturb me to the point of tears, and sometimes still. Time to admit to my psychiatric department. I feel like I go nuts.

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1. Three times I’ve left my garden pants, because after watering outside animals I’ve forgotten to turn them off, and they’ve spent 24 more hours. After all the set of washers, if you forget about starting washing, come back to put the dryer in later. Think it’s not done, I’ve returned a call or sent an email. Forget about what I say… it’s so outrageous!!! –haggy

2. I ask my husband to take me something high in the cupboards, for example, by replacing a word for another, but I say the name of that other object while pointing at what I want, if I have a glimpse of another object before asking him. I often ask him the “chair” in my kitchen cupboard that’s high up.

3. My depression is heavily affected by the inability to talk normal. Sometimes I feel like my only meaningful conversations with my 3-year-old granddaughter. -Lisa

4. I’m anxious to talk to people who don’t know me because my talk is quite choppy. I have a lot to pause and think about words or say the words off the wall that are null and void of what I say. I forget about appointments, talks and questions. However, the part which most disturbs me is that my level of intelligence has fallen dramatically can’t concentrate, like simply discovering issues or puzzles, and sometimes my brain can’t do much work. Occasionally, I drive down the highway and panicked, not knowing where I was for a while. I forget where I go and I’m going. My husband had the checkbook and the accounts to take over. I have messed up paying bills and balanced the checkbook too often when I did it perfectly well for years and years. Jessica


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5. Once more, I’ll say this too. All of us forget stuff. All of us. Big gap between fibro fog and forgetting. I can easily forget to keep my food list. Like all others, just forgot. Forgetting Fibro Fog has a feeling. A dumb, hazy sensation. A sense of hangover. And I’m beginning to sling out my talk. For the frightening feeling and forgetful thing, I did, I go into panic. My brain tries hard to get to the side of the answer and literally you can feel pressure and hurt. I left the burner last night and decided that Tupperware was a great butter lid on the stove after cooking. -Sammy

6. I start sweating and my body blows and I try to sit in the middle of grooming my horse. I must lie down, not move, no suffering like floating, for around 15 minutes staring straight ahead. All returns to normal after the fifteen. As normal as we get fibro. Margaret

7. The worst thing is what we all share: the failure to find words, to blank in mid phrase and to feel stupid. I agree with that. Curiously enough, I write a lot better than I talk, and for decades I have kept newspapers. I’m so happy that I’ve been affected by many of my long-term memory. During flares, I kept a pain newspaper, a dream diary and so on. I must force myself to write a little nowadays but it helps to have a naked soul and not to make it out loud–Terry.

8. Try to write down things and forget what I write immediately. I’m a cook and have to write on labels what food is and how often I fight to get the food right in front of me. I already write the date several times but forget every time. I have no choice. I’m a cooking assistant. This is so frustrating. So, dumb I feel. – Cory

9. Go to the airport to pick up my daughter and realize I was going in the wrong direction! Times when I can’t figure out how to get there are thousands of times! Words can’t remember, can’t spell when you talk…. –Alexa

10. The most frustrating thing for me is that I cannot follow the word. It’s like I hear it, but it doesn’t work in my brain. Words that are wrong and things that are misread are also frustrating, especially because I like to read and write and have always been very good at them. Forgetting about what I’m doing is something else, but without fiber many people do so, so it’s not just as embarrassing to ask someone to reply.

11. In the second year of the tough doctoral program, my chronic fatigue brain fog first hit me, where I was assumed to have excellent memory and skills. I started asking my professors, and even some of my colleagues, if I was part of the programmed, and felt like an impostor. There was nobody talking about chronic tiredness or brain fog at that point, so I felt I just lost my mind. So, a pity.– Rimse

12. Losing the mud-thinking phrase, even the middle word. Put the milk into the wardrobe, cereals in the refrigerator, leave oven for 3 hours, use a calendar to keep track of the new medicine. Increase schedule, daily pills had to be purchased because I forgot whether or not I used medicines. Set an alarm 2 times a day to remind you of medication. -Shannon

13. I could not remember this summer, on holidays at the lake, how to deal with a solitaire game–something I did a thousand times every summer of my life. I had Google. I had it to Google. I sat then crying at the table because I’m new to that symptom and I’m afraid of that. –  Kible

14. I work in the hospitality and I literally look at the cash register to make a customer change and I can not make a registry because the fibrofog makes me confused and I only forget what I say in the middle of the sentence. Kelly

15. Oh, I’m just chatting when I need to speak with a repairman, customer service etc. That way, I can’t sound like a jerk on the phone. I could have time to reflect on what I want to say Aimee

16. Phone number mixing up. Often I have to ask people to write me or put their own phone number, l mix the number sequence up tox inconveniently– Amma


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17. Because I forget their names, I can’t introduce people. Just like the names of my parents. I forgot my own name. I forgot my own. I had them after flashbacks in particular. It’s awful. It’s awful. My brain goes blank and I forget about talking, saying the simplest phrases or doing things to help me. Things and what’s going on to me, so they could understand, I told my family and good friends. They were awesome, apart from my mother. She is simply not open to it. I’m always not familiar with the date. I’ve got lots of advice. My calendar, my phone notes, lists of things to do. –Cynthia

18. Cooking! I’m on a budget that is very limited. It makes me want to weep when I burn food, because every bit is precious. I continue to forget that I’ve got food on the stove. But I keep forgetting to set it. I’ve got kitchen time. This way, I have ruined many of my favorite pots.– Eva

19. When I couldn’t follow discussions at work, I noticed the fibro fog. I wrote legal papers and supported my colleagues, and I was frightened when I began to fail to understand what people were saying to me. What was happening, I didn’t understand. My fiber symptoms have been getting worse and I can do what I need to do now in order to try and cope with my work I have been retired for 35 years and it was a good choice. My friends and family came to expect my forgetful words, names or places. I can laugh about that now, but still very frustrating. I can laugh about that. –Dolly

20. I think I’ve all had at one time or another. Because of my delayed time of action, I no longer drive. When I stood before my children, I always felt so bad that I could not remember their names completely. Fortunately, now they’re older and they know that Mummy isn’t trying to be funny. At first I thought I was losing my mind literally and went to Doc for Alzheimer’s and Detention to have him check it out (age 45). It wasn’t so bad until then, then it just got worse. I forget what I do when I do. Trying to type this was a frustration exercise and I lose my thoughtfulness and need to continue to figure out what I was speaking about, or write in a word that is not even near the word I want to say. Some days I just want to shout that when I’m with someone, my brain will just go away somewhere. Yes, that’s helpful, when I remember, to know that I’m not alone. Olivia

21. When I speak, I get my words changed. When I tell my daughter, for example, that she has to remove the trash, it turns out that “you have to waste it.” Failure to drive, too. I suddenly feel lost as I don’t know where I am or where I am going when I drive in a familiar area. Forget what I say in the middle of the phrase. I wonder if I said loudly something I thought. –Pritey  

22. I find it difficult to follow the easiest directions, for example on the side of a rice box, pasta, etc. I must ask my husband for assistance many times. That never thought, but it did. Sandy

23. Go through the food shop with a list and then don’t know where I’m going and walk– Simi

24. Once my son asked why my bag was in the refrigerator. I looked and it was there, sure enough. I was therefore looking where I kept my bag normally and the milk was there. Couldn’t remember what to call an appliance for a kitchen, it was always called the “garage of dirty meals.” My son asked if the dishwasher was meant to me. Oh, yes, I meant that. Twice, I couldn’t find out where I was suddenly while driving. Nothing looked familiar–not road signs or companies. I could figure it out until something finally got my brain in place.

Over 20 years, I’ve been living in the same city! It frightened me! I’m going to be at my house and just stand because I want to watch TV, but I don’t understand what to do first, and I’m going to want a glass of water. I just got to get to do something, finally. Speak with me loud and concentrate all the time. I often “twist” the words because of “verbal dyslexia” when I speak. For example, knives and forks are turned into knorks and fifes. Fog could turn into foog. I’m using “thingie,” because I can’t remember the word for them, to describe things a lot. I started saying bluntly that I can’t think of the word to the people. So until we get the right one, they’re helpful and say words.

25. Occasionally I can’t remember if I eat and I just realize I didn’t feel wonky. I’m also forgetting when I’m driving home after doing something which takes concentration, like driving to the shop. I have to trust my car pilot at times like that, but it’s frightening! Lavit

Well, let me say what I am confronting when this article is compiled. I forget how many comments I have already listed, I forget about the wording of the person who shares his views. I forget that it has already been covered, while reading the comment, so you may also see a few repetitions of some issues in the article. In the image below, a summary. Please inform us in the comment section when you want to add or share your experience in the list. “Chronicillness.com,” because we found the question on their website, would also be appreciated for the issue.


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